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Budapest, Hungary. The Heart Of Europe.

One of the most beautiful and historic capitals in all of Europe, this city of 1.7 million, is sits at the very heart of the continent. On the banks of the Danube, Budapest has been a longtime cultural and historical Mecca that has often played a vital role in European affairs.

From being pillaged by the Mongols in the 13th century to having one of Europe’s most vital centers of trade and business, Budapest has seen it and been a key player.


Even in the realm of entertainment and modeling, Budapest has served as the backdrop for A Good Day To Die Hard, Spy Game, Underworld, Munich, Van Helsing, I Spy and Evita.

Famous models to call the storied Hungarian capital include Barbara Palvin of Vogue and Tommy Hilfiger, Enikő Mihalik who has modeled for publications such as Vogue, MaxMara, Gucci, Victoria’s Secret and Harper’s Bazaar. Could fellow budapesti babe Selma Vidinlic add her name to the list?

Born in a small town outside of Budapest, Selma has posed in men’s magazines such as FHM, BADD, Lifestyle Plus and Chica’s Universe 137. Blessed with a sexy and slender curvy frame, the 22-year-old continues the long-standing tradition of stupid hot Eastern European models being walking smoke shows thanks to her doe-like dark brown eyes, blonde hair and curves for days.

While many talk about Poland, Russia and the Urkaine in terms of hot girls, Selma is happy to  become the latest Queen of the Danube to come from Budapest.

A self-described animal rights activist, Selma splits time modeling between her adopted home town of Fort Lauderdale and New York City.

A stunning fresh, sexy and new face to watch for in the world of modeling, check out my Q and A with Selma as we talk about her homeland, modeling, Eastern European women, accents and what she craves as a late-night snack down on South Beach.

Who Is She?

Name: Selma Vidinlic

Age: 22 

Height: 5’6

Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary

Measurements: Bust- 34” Waist- 23” Hips- 34”

Notable Publications/Media: FHM, BADD, Lifestyle Plus, Chica’s Universe 137, a few more.. 

Social Media Links: Instagram: @theofficialselma_.


Tell us all a little about you? I’m an animal activist, total foodie, career driven, and a hopeless romantic!

Since you’re from Hungary originally, tell us a little bit more about you and your former home land. I’m from a small rural town outside Budapest. It’s very quaint and charming. I still have family there and really enjoy going back to visit. 

Budapest or Fort Lauderale? Which is better and why? Each city has their own unique characteristics. I adore both and it would be hard to pick a favorite. 

Cuban sandwiches or chorizos? If you had to choose your late-night guilty pleasure down in South Beach what would it be? I’m totally a sucker for a great Cuban sandwich. 

What is it about your Eastern European women being so sexy, seductive yet enigmatic? What’s not to love? 

Do you still have your accent? If so, do you use it at times for modeling? I am fluent in Serbian and English. You’ll have to talk to me to judge for yourself if I have an accent. 

Define “Glamour Girl” what does it mean to you? A lady who is confident, kind, full of poise, fun loving, doesn’t take herself too seriously .

Thoughts on the rise in popularity of modeling on Instagram? I think Instagram is a great tool to connect fans to their favorite models.

Pumpkin spice, Salted Caramel or Peppermint Mocha? Don’t make me choose!

What fashion and fitness tips and trends do you have for looking good and staying in shape when the temperature changes?Dress to your body type, eat healthy. Cut out processed food and soda. Sleep and exercise are huge. It’s a lifestyle. To  stick with it and find what works for you is the only way to have long lasting results. 

What would you say is your best feature? My fun and bubbly personality.

What makes you feel sexy? Working out.

What exudes sexiness? Confidence.

Best/worst pickup line you’ve heard? Oh wow, there’s been soooooo many.

What attracts you most to a man? The way he treats a woman.

What is THE one hot fashion item that you must have/or get this season? I’ve had my eye on Tiffany diamond earrings. They are still on my wishlist.

Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad Fitness fad.

What did you do over the summer? I traveled back home to Hungary to visit family. 

What is one area that most people overlook—but should—pay attention to more in getting in shape? Late night snacking. 

Fave music? Alternative and classic rock.

Sports: Any favorite teams, clubs and player?

  • Hockey: Red Wings
  • Baseball: Yankees

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling Follow your dreams. 

Special thanks to Ms. Selma Vidinlic for her assistance during this Glamour Girl! Q and A feature Email us at if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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