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Glamour Girl! Newport Beach Bombshell! Q & A With Bikini and Glamour Model, Jenna Bentley

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It’s a long distance from Billings, Montana to Newport Beach, California. Over 1,200 miles to be exact.

From Big Sky country to SoCal beaches and waves, glamour model Jenna Bentley clearly has no problems with either distance or change in scenery. A striking 5’11 with killer curves in all the right places, the 28-year-old Bentley has appeared in notable men’s publications such as Esquire, FHM, MAXIM, Sports Illustrated and Playboy.

A self-described country girl from Montana, Bentley was first discovered while watching a Phoenix Suns basketball game, and would later be offered a modeling contract and relocate to Los Angeles and shoot for Playboy, per her official website bio.

A stunning and tanned mix of French, German and Irish, Bentley—in addition to being an internationally published model—is also a professional dance choreographer and singer, as he recorded a song featuring Uncle Luke, “Smoke That”, which sold over 30,000 units worldwide and was streamed another 50,000 times.

An avid traveler, Bentley has both traveled and modeled in exotic locales such as France, Monaco, Dubai and Spain, and had started her own YouTube travel blog that shows behind-the-scenes adventures of her being out and about all over the world.

Below is my Q and A with Jenna as we talk about Montana, being a Newport Beach bombshell, traveling and being compared to Godzilla over in Asia.

Name: Jenna Bentley

Age: 28

Height: 5’11

Birthplace: Billings, Montana

Residence: Newport Beach, California

Measurements: 36DD-25-36

Social Media Links: Instagram: @jennabentley007 | Facebook: @jennabentley007 | Snapchat: @jennabentley07 | Twitter: @jennabentley07 | YouTube: Jenna Bentley TV | Website: www.jennabentley.co

Notable Publications : FHM, MAXIM, Esquire Latino, Playboy Poland, Sports Illustrated


How did you start modelling? I started modeling when I was 19 years old and discovered at the Phoenix Suns basketball game

Tell us a bit about you? Name, age, height, measurements? Hi, my name is JENNA BENTLEY, I am 5’11” without heels. country Montana gal ‘ turned Newport Beach bikini bombshell 😉

Tell us what are you into besides modelling? I absolutely love music and dancing I was in dance classes at the age of two my mom put me in dance classes when I was able to walk!! I have dance for over 20 consecutive years and jazz, tap and Irish Celtic.

What does your family think of your modelling career? They are all extremely supportive and love to see me happy.

What do you do in your free time? In my free time, I absolutely love to travel the world. I just recently got back from the south of France, I was in Monaco for the Grand Prix and I also was just in Dubai. I love traveling and hope to see many more countries in the coming year. I am very thankful that my modeling career has taking me to places such as New York, Spain, London all over the world. I actually just started a YouTube channel there is like a travel blog so you can see all my adventures and a behind-the-scenes look of my travel and experiences 🙂

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to for a photo shoot? I have traveled all over from London to Paris to Greece, New York. I’m not really sure which city was the biggest agents not all of them were great.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you end your modelling career? Honestly, I definitely want either Tokyo or China I think it would be amazing to go over there also even do some modeling I’m not sure if they’ve ever seen a 5 foot 11 flatfoot girl! If I wore heels over there, they may think I’m Godzilla LOL! But seriously, I absolutely love the culture and I would love to experience that I plan on going to Thailand in November and many more trips to come!

Many readers love you we can see that by your following what would you like to say to them? That I am happy and grateful for all of their support and can’t wait to show them what I’m coming up with next!

What would you say your best feature is? I would have to say my interesting personality 😉 lol

What are your 5 top work out routines? I love to run, do planks, lunges, bicycle crunches and squats for the booty.

What is your secret to staying in shape? Work out as much as I can whenever I can and I don’t drink alcohol or soda. If I do drink alcohol it’s for a special occasion like a friends wedding or something I’ve never really liked the taste unless it’s champagne

What advice can you give to models wanting to start out in the industry? Work hard and be persistent- you’ve heard the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day correct?

Special thanks to Jenna Bentley for her time and assistance during the Glamour Girl! Q and A interview. Email us at inscribermagazine@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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