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Canada. The Great White North.

What is it about this country that is best known for Tim Horton’s, maple syrup and ice hockey, makes it pump out world-class hotties with the efficiency of a Zamboni?

Any A-list celebrity, model, actress or Insta-celebrity/social media influencers you’ve heard of, listened to, seen in a magazine or followed online more than likely hails from The North.

One would think that countries that are well know for producing hotties such as Australia, England, Germany, Brazil, Spain, France or even Poland and Russia would lay claim to being dubbed the “Hottie Capital of the World”.



From Vancouver to Winnipeg and from Toronto to Montreal and Halifax, Canada has that crown on lock!

Thanks to her eye-catching spread as the featured cover girl in Playboy Croatia, Cambridge, Ontario native, Vikki Lenola is another gem ready to be unearthed.

A 5’10 Amazon-like goddess with Eastern European looks and exotic mix of sexiness, Vikki brings a combination of jaw-dropping curves, long legs and a body worthy of going to war for, the Canadian bombshell channels pure hotness.

When she is not sexing up pages in FHM and Maxim, the twenty-something stunner is out campaigning for animal rights, while finishing up her graduate degree at university.


With 2019 right around the corner, Vikki is set to take things to the next level in both the modeling world as well as collaborating with PETA for anti-fur campaigns and doing both promo and glamour model shoots, be sure to get to know the name and face of Vikki and she will be everywhere.

Below is my Q and A with the sexy Ms. Lenola as we talk modeling, animal rights, modeling and what exactly is in the water up north.

Who Is She!

Name: Vikki Lenola

Height: 5’10”

Birthplace: Cambridge, ON Canada

Measurements: 34 – 26 – 35

Ethnicity: Eastern European/mixed

Notable Publications/Media: Playboy Hrvatska (Croatia) cover girl & playmate, Playboy Slovakia, Playboy Espana (Spain), Playboy Sweden, Maxim South Africa and FHM Sweden.

Social Media Links: Instagram: @vikkilenola | Facebook: @vikkilenola

Tell us all a little about you? I do fashion, glamour and promo modeling. Sometimes I do casting. My biggest passion in life is animal rights. I have a business diploma and working on my honors environmental studies degree in university.

Congrats on being on the cover of Playboy Croatia, how excited are you? Very excited. I think it’s on the wish list for many glamour models. It’s one of those things we hope for and look forward to.

Pam Anderson, Khloe Terae and Tricia Helfer? What is it about Canadian women being so hot? We have a lot of talent here. I of course love Pam Anderson since she’s a Playboy and PETA icon.



Since you’re an animal lover: Dog or cat? I love them all but cats, pigs, then dogs! I’ve always had cats so I feel I get them more. I read a lot about pigs and what they are going through on factory farms, so I’m just more familiar with them I guess. I’ve never had a dog because my lifestyle doesn’t allow for it. P.S. Adopt don’t shop!

How many pets do you currently have? I have 3 fur babies. My cats’ names are Toby, Koko and Onyx. I love them to pieces. Sometimes they live with a good friend of mine for a few weeks at a time. I travel a lot for work. I’m so thankful they can stay with someone that loves them too and knows their routines.

As an animal rights activist, what are your thoughts on how our four legged friends are being treated overall? I think society generally doesn’t see the connection between “products” and how these things are actually made. We deserve to know the truth but it’s hidden from us.

Define “Glamour Girl” what does it mean to you? Glamour girls create alluring pictures and presence.


Thoughts on the rise in popularity of modeling on Instagram? I’ve put a lot of work into growing it organically. You can have the best photos, but if you’re not engaging you basically don’t exist. Just like in life you get back what you put into it. I use Instagram as a sort of digital scrapbook of my work, for networking and also to speak up for animals.

Pumpkin spice, Salted Caramel or Peppermint Mocha?Pumpkin spice.

With winter coming up, what fashion and fitness tips and trends do you have for looking good and staying in shape? I love cruelty-free brands, especially ones that give back. I definitely layer up when I have to scoot across campus. That’s basically all the exercise I get too! I find if I stay warm I don’t need to overeat. My vegan diet seems to keep me feeling refreshed. I don’t eat much processed foods, but I don’t deny myself from anything completely either. Basically I look at food like, I eat to live, not live to eat!


Any plans for this coming winter? I think I’m done traveling for the year. I’ll be hosting and participating at animal rights demonstrations as per usual. In the winter I tend to focus on anti-fur campaigns. I hosted one for PETA recently and I’m blown away by the support from amazing, caring people in Toronto. I’m hosting some nightclub events as well. Then I have to buckle down for a bit to do my senior year research seminar. I’m excited to be done school next year!

Any plans for New Years? I’m hosting a New Years event at a Toronto nightclub. For Grand Ball Events and Bombshells Exclusives. Ticket information is available on my social media if you’d like to join me!


G-string, thong, frenchies or commando, which do you prefer? G-string.

What would you say is your best feature? Legs, baby!

What makes you feel sexy? Normally I’m pretty studious, but give me a cute dress or lingerie set and my girly side comes out!

What exudes sexiness? Positive vibes.

With the holiday season coming up soon, what are the perfect gifts men should get their ladies? I think the best gifts show that you listen. For example, a girl friend of mine just showed me this Wonder Woman-themed clutch a guy bought her and she loves it. Mostly because he remembered her talking about one she lost and really missed. It shows that he’s thoughtful. I also think that’s a perfect example because it’s something she can use. I personally like practical gifts because I don’t like to be wasteful.


Worst date you’ve ever had? A cornfield maze. By chance we ended up going on some youth day event. There were unsupervised, unruly kids everywhere. They were crying, screaming, pushing, throwing rocks and corn at people… and I’m pretty sure a little boy flicked his booger at me.

What attracts you most to a man? Good communication, hard-working, brains, compassion, someone who “gets” me (and what I stand for), a manly man, being super sweet to me and pampering me.

What turns you off? Neediness. Trying to be cool.

What is THE one hot fashion item that you must have/or get this season? A Stella McCartney handbag (or some other cruelty-free brand).

Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad? I’d say it’s fashion that’s here to stay. It complements our increasingly wellness-obsessed society. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s also very wearable fashion.


What is one area that most people overlook—but should—pay attention to more in getting in shape? Getting enough sleep.

Fave music? Industrial and alternative rock. But when I need to wake up and get going I listen to top 40.

Sports: Any favorite teams, clubs and players? I don’t really follow sports.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling? Don’t be afraid of rejection or failure. In fact expect it. It’s going to happen lots but you have to continuously put yourself out there to be successful. Networking and building rapport is essential to getting paid work. Also just focus on you; you’re only in competition with yourself. Strong women don’t hate, they collaborate!


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