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Glamour Girl! Pao Pao! Q & A With Paola Andrea Ramirez!

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It’s the one job on this Earth which is so vital and so important and yet other than being celebrated once a year, is often taken for granted. Mothers are the very backbone of the human race, the protectors of all men and raisers of families.

Raisers of men and confidantes and role models to women, they are the ones who protect and nurture us when we are sick, hurt, when we’ve lost a job, or had our heart broken.

Sadly, many mothers are now subjects of parent-shaming or mom-shaming if they don’t do what is expected by them in today’s ultra-quick social-media driven society.  It’s even worse if you’re a public figure such as a model being a mother.

Many famous models outside of the catwalk—or Instagram—are moms, and proud of it, and shouldn’t be shamed or criticized, but embraced and respected in raising a child in the public eye. One such example of a model proudly embracing parenthood in the Age of Social Media is Colombia hottie, Paola Andrea Ramirez Aragon.

Aragon, a proud mother of two, has been studying acting and modeling since her teens and being the proud parent of two, has been turning heads on IG with her quirky and sexy images showcasing her family and her killer looks. A model, actress and presenter in her native country, the Medellin native embraces being a modern-day Instagram model and regular parent with ease.

Below are five questions I asked the colombiana modelo about modeling, being a mother and what has driven her today!


Who Is She?


Name: Paola Andrea Ramírez Aragon

Age: 23

Birthplace: Medellin, Colombia

Height: 5’3

Social Media Links: Instagram : @Pao__aragon | Facebook: Paula Andrea aragón


Tell us a little about you: I started my career as a model at age 14, I studied acting at Charlotte Academy at age 17 I had my first son Jose who taught me to be a mother.

How did you get into modeling? I continued my studies because my son, instead of limiting myself, he gave me more strength to face the world. I was chosen as an image of Heineken at an international level.

What inspired you to get into the industry? I studied social communication and my career as a model was growing but many doors opened to me as an actress and acting is something that I am passionate about I recorded with the Baron TV the mafia dolls and a series for Netflix today I am recording #noobees by Nickelodeon.

As a mother and model, what has driven and inspired you the most? When I was 20, I had my 2 daughter JULIETA, the princess of my life and if with Josue I thought I could see the world with her, that I discovered that there were more planets and galaxies with her and that I discovered that for them I could take on everything.

Mother, model, actress, how do you think that everything balances out together? Now I am a national model mother, I am an international actress and I did not want to stay, I finished my course as a presenter with Víctor Cárdenas I can tell you with certainty that my life is not very easy when you are a young mother the task gets a little more heavy, less valued and more criticized.

I doubled my efforts, but I assure you that my children do not cut the wings from out under me and instead they taught me to fly to dream and literally gave me life.

Today I am the woman I dreamed as a child thanks to my mother Marisol Aragon who until now has been my unconditional support and a family full of values ​​and principles and they will have Paola Aragon for a while! jajajajajajaja

Special thanks to Ms. Paola Aragon and In Models Agencia for their assistance during this Glamour Girl! Q and A feature Email us at inscglamourgirl@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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