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With Super Bowl LII less than 24 hours away. Everyone is making last-second preparations for what will be a great game.

As the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots prepare to go for their sixth Lombardi, while the upstart and sentimental underdog Philadelphia Eagles aim for their first, there is no doubt that this will be one of the most-anticipated Super Bowls ever.

Newly-crowned NFL MVP, Tom Brady is 60 minutes away from becoming the first QB to ever win six Super Bowls. He would also become the oldest MVP to win a Super Bowl if he manages to contain Philadelphia’s aggressive pass rush.

As fans await in great anticipation, one such fan in model and social media influencer, Lauren Luongo is ready to see her beloved Pats do their job. A native of a small northern town on the Massachusetts border, the 21-year-old blonde bombshell has modeled for the likes of PlayboyItaly and is set to appear in a spread for Maxim France.

A self-described foodie, Luongo has appeared in the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise. A shapely and curvy beauty, Luongo has a wide portfolio of modeling that ranges from fitness to bikini and glamour.

Below is my Q and A with the Connecticut-born hottie as we talk football, Tom Brady, modeling and her passion for food.

Name: Lauren Luongo

Age: 21

Measurements: 36-25-34

Birthplace: Connecticut

Notable Publications/Media: Playboy Italy, Baggers Magazine, Food Paradise on the Travel Channel, and an upcoming feature in Maxim France.

Social Media Links: Instagram: @laurentaylor05  | Facebook: @lauren.luongo  | Twitter: @LaurenTaylor05 | Personal  | Snapchat: @laurentaylor05

So, word on the street is that your fave football team in back in the Super Bowl. How pumped are you to see the Patriots in SBLII? I’m beyond pumped to have the Patriots back in the Super Bowl this year!  It’s truly unbelievable that the team and organization as a whole can rise to the top year after year no matter what challenges or adversity they may face.  Even when there are perceived shortcomings in a specific area of the team (defense this year), they still manage to pull out wins and remain among the best, if not THE best.

Fave player–aside from Tom Brady? I mean Tom Brady is Tom Brady, I can’t select anyone else from the team.

Tell us all a little about you? I’ve been modeling for almost seven years.  It’s a passion of mine.  I view it as an art form.  Aside from modeling, I’m a major foodie.  I enjoy going out to eat as well as cooking.  I’m Italian so I grew up believing that food was the way to the heart. Creating a dish or sharing a meal with friends and family to me is a way to bond.  Other than coffee, there is nothing that I love more than food.

Any early resolutions you wish to make for 2018? I don’t truly believe in yearly resolutions, you should always be striving to be and do better than you have in the previous months.  There’s always room for improvement.  Whether your goals focus on your career, personal life, finances, emotional wellbeing, or your physical fitness, you should always have goals that continue to shape you into the person that you wish to be.  Life shouldn’t be lived on a concrete schedule, so I prefer to establish my goals, work towards them, and not put myself on a time clock.

Thoughts on the rise in popularity of models on Instagram? I think that Instagram is an incredible, accessible platform for models to share their work with the world.  The global appeal of the app has also allowed many models to be seen that would have otherwise never been able to strive to actualize their dreams. 

The rise in popularity of models on Instagram really has revolutionized the industry.  It’s allowed so many genres of modeling to rise to prominence and glean just as much attention as traditional fashion/runway modeling.

Pumpkin spice, Salted Caramel or Peppermint Mocha? Peppermint mocha!  It’s funny because before I went dairy-free, I would always get a Venti Peppermint Mocha latte from Starbucks.  10 pumps of peppermint and 1 pump of mocha.

With winter here, what fashion and fitness tips and trends do you have for looking good and staying in shape when the temperature drops? Consistency is key.  If anyone doesn’t remain in shape during the winter months, it is a direct result of them not watching their diet and not working out enough.  My advice is to not use the winter fashion style (more clothing and coverage) as an excuse to not stay in shape. 

Don’t draw out any holiday cheats and treats that you’ve allowed yourself to have.  Cravings for carbs are at an all time high in the winter.  Try to fight these cravings by eating healthy carbs such as sweet potatoes or fruit.  You can also make desserts out of coconut and almond flour; they’re delicious!

What is your workout and fitness secret to staying in shape? It’s not really a secret; I eat a clean diet and exercise regularly.  As for my diet, I follow the Paleo diet!  I have been following it for just about five years and I find that it works best for me.  Fitness wise, I have a personal trainer that works with me to develop the physique that I desire and pushes me to reach my fitness goals. 

I didn’t understand the importance of lifting weights a few years ago.  I always believed that cardio was what helped you to look your best.  I was so wrong!  Women often shy away from weights thinking that it will make them look bulky or manly when that is absolutely not the case.

What’s your favorite type of music? Depending on my mood, my music taste ranges from Hip-Hop & R&B to Alternative/Indie.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling? Build a portfolio for yourself.  Shoot with a few reputable photographers who can provide you with quality images.  Once you do this, the foundation is laid for you to pursue any modeling opportunities.

Special thanks to Ms. Lauren Luongo for her time and assistance during this Glamour Girl! Q and A feature Email us at if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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