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Perhaps the oldest form of human art and communication, it dates back to the days of Aristole and the Epic of Giglamesh from the third millennium. Whether it is used to describe motion, justice and nature, there has been a long and storied history of it featured the likes of Sir Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Edgar Allan Poe.

Now in the 21st century and in the age of social media, a new age of poetic expression has emerged thanks to former Playboy and MAXIM model in California-born hottie Instapoet, Lauren Briar.

Briar, a twenty-something dark-haired stunner, gives new meaning to the term poetry being a work of art as she has posed for the men’s magazines such as Maxim South Africa, Playboy and FUSE and is currently a poster girl for Harley Davidson International. Her Instagram alone is an artsy and sexy combination of art meeting words.

After she left her corporate executive job last spring to found her own media company, Lauren Briar LLC and Model Help blog, a resource for models seeking advice on casting calls, how to find legit and avoid phony photographers, landing in magazines, etc.

Set to publish her first poetry book, “Today In Paradise” this coming December, It will cover and bring awareness to a myriad of topics such as poverty, inequality, depression, and explores the ongoing conflict between forgiveness and true altruism, per her official website,, with ten percent of all book profits going towards Mental Health America.

Below is my Q and A with Ms. Briar as we discuss modeling, being an entrepreneur, how to get into modelling how her Model Help blog helping other models in the industry and working at McDonald’s.

Who Is She?

Name: Lauren Briar

Age: 26

Height: 5’4

Birthplace: San Diego, California

Location: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Entrepreneur, CEO at Official Lauren Briar

Past publications: Maxim South Africa, Harley Davidson Int. (Poster Girl), Playboy Cybergirls, FUSE, CWEN Magazine, Pure Model Club

Social Links: Instagram: @laurenbriar | Facebook: @Officiallaurenbriar | Website:

About you: I was born and raised in San Diego, California. Growing up, my sister and I were raised by our mother, so from an early age, we recognized the value of hard work and strength a woman can hold. We didn’t have very much or even cable for that matter so I spent a lot of time writing stories and poems. When I was 16, I got a job at McDonalds. I remember saying it was the best day of my life.

Some people may look down upon working there, but for me, I was happy that I could finally start earning some money and help my mom pay the bills. I worked at McDonald’s full time all throughout high school and most of college. Later, I ended up leaving to work at a company. I was at my company for 5 years, until I decided I wanted to leave and pursue a life in the entertainment industry and write. I’ve always had a passion for acting and writing; Modeling was just a creative hobby that Surprisingly, it turned into something bigger.

Tell us a bit about the Model Help blog and why did you start it? When I first moved to Hollywood, I came into contact with a lot of phony people. People posing as producers, directors and even photographers all claiming they had the “connections” to help me in the industry. It pains me to say that during this time, I was robbed my time, my money and even worse… my body.

I was determined and very naive, I was a girl with a big dream who was just a little too trusting. By the end of my 8th month in Hollywood I was flat broke, was in no publications or films and was a very broken person. I decided that from that point on however, I would do my research on people along with companies in the entertainment industry before blindly trusting them. Since then, I have been far more successful in achieving my goals.

With that strategy of background checking, have been able to link up with legitimate people and businesses in the industry. All who want to see me grow and prosper. On my Model Help blog, I share everything I’ve learned for free. Things such as, how to get on the radio, how to spot a real photographer from a phony, where to audition for Playboy along with good PR companies that will get girls published in magazines.

What advice would you give to models wanting to start out?: Believe in yourself and believe in your dream. Be prepared to work hard and never be afraid of failure.

Special thanks to Lauren Briar and King Publishing for their time and assistance during the Glamour Girl! Q and A interview. Email us at if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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