NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. – Wardell Stephen Curry. When history looks back on this name, it will be for changing the game of basketball forever. Thanks to tying and surpassing Ray Allen for most three-pointers ever made, Steph Curry is and forever the all-time three-point king.

At 7:33 in the first quarter, in The World’s Most Famous Arena, Curry connected on his record-setting three off of an assist from Andrew Wiggins, to set the mark with Ray Allen and Reggie Miller on hand, who were the first and second best three point shooters at that time.

By the end of the game, a 105-96 road win for the Warriors, Curry surpassed them both with 2,977 total three’s—and counting—and what is truly remarkable is that at the age of 33, and his early career injuries in the past, is that Curry will only continue to add to his own record.

While he is known—and feared—for his three-point marksmanship, what Curry doesn’t get enough credit for his off-ball movement in screen, curls, flare-outs and dives, in addition to his world-class dribbling and handles.

Some will argue that Kyrie Irving is more gifted offensively, and has the best handles in the game, but Curry is not that far behind. In achieving hoops immortality, Curry isn’t just Chef Curry or Steph, he is now officially the Three-Point King, Three-God or whatever new branding nickname one can come up with, Curry is now that dude that all shooters will aspire to be and hope to surpass one day.

Until then, all hail the new Three-God, now and forever.



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