New Jersey R&B singer and songwriter Olawumi has been crafting her debut album for five years, and it’s finally here. Titled ‘Moody’, this project started out as a therapy session for a breakup at the time, but the project has grown to become so much more. Moody is a culmination of black love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and honesty that is just as sonically pleasing as it is impactful for anyone who may listen.

Moody will force you to view love through a lens that may be foreign to the current version of yourself. As you continue to listen, you will soon realize that Olawumi’s perspective is necessary for the person you want to become. The ten-song album listed under the R&B/Soul genre contains hard-hitting themes that align with every song title. On the first single, Better Off, Olawumi brings us right into her reality over soothing instruments that could also be fit for a guided meditation session. The New Jersey-born songstress couldn’t have picked a better song to set the tone for the full project.

Olawumi’s music carries a confessional, old-soul storytelling nature rooted in honesty. From love and heartbreak to womanhood and self-discovery, the New Jersey native’s music is telling the lived experiences of Black and toxic love stories. In the video above, Olawumi details what it feels like to drop her debut album and reintroduce herself to her fanbase. She aims to touch the souls of anybody who listens and is 100% sure that these are the songs that everyone needs to hear.

Shoutout to Olawumi and the many voices keeping R&B alive and well. Stream her debut album ‘Moody’ here.

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