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With celebrity, comes influence. With influence, comes power. And it seems that with power, comes total scumbaggery.

Everyone who has ever read the news will have surely come across at least one celebrity scandal. It seems that a disproportionate amount of celebrities face criminal charges compared to us average folk. Could this be because they feel they are above the law?

Or perhaps it’s drug and alcohol addiction that fuels this behavior? Whatever the reason, it’s clear that there is no shortage of celebrities in trouble with the law, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in Hollywood.

Often, these charges are relatively minor, like drink-driving or other misdemeanors. But sometimes the charges are much more horrific. Let’s take a closer look at some Hollywood stars that have had horrific charges leveled against them.

1. Michael Jackson: This one is perhaps the most well-known celebrity scandal of all time. Michael Jackson, an eccentric superstar and pop-culture icon, was accused in 1993 of sexually molesting a 13-year-old boy. He was never convicted of this and was acquitted in 2005. Many people question whether Michael was truly innocent of the act, quoting the old adage ‘there’s no smoke without fire’, and it remains a controversial topic to this day.

2. Gary Glitter: Another musician and superstar subject to child abuse accusations. Unlike Michael Jackson though, Glitter was convicted and served time in prison in the UK for taking indecent images of children. Even more sickeningly, after Glitter was released he was convicted again for molesting two underage girls in Vietnam.

3. Sean Connery: Best known for his role as James Bond, a lot of people overlook Connery’s views on domestic violence. He is quoted as saying “I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman…” in an interview with Playboy in 1965.

4. Charlie Sheen: Connery is just the first in a long list of Hollywood celebrities who have worrying tendencies towards domestic violence. Charlie Sheen has twice been charged with and pled guilty to domestic abuse charges, one of which was in 1996, and the other in 2005.

5. Chris Brown: Next up – Chris Brown. You’ve probably already heard of this one too. He was charged with and pled guilty to domestic violence against his celebrity girlfriend Rihanna, after assaulting her on the ride home from a party back in 2009.

6. Tupac Shakur: Tupac was a hugely famous hip-hop and rap musician in the 90’s before his untimely death in 1996. His musical legacy will go down in history, however, most people forget or brush over one of the larger controversies of his life – his rape conviction. Tupac was given a prison sentence in 1995 when he was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse after he and his entourage sexually assaulted a woman.

7. Terry Richardson: Terry Richardson, an American photographer known for his work in the fashion industry, has been the subject of a worrying amount of sexual assault allegations. These allegations include forcing models to have sex with him and exposing himself to them.

Terry has dismissed these allegations as lies, but whether or not that’s the truth remains to be seen. These are just a few of the many Hollywood Scumbags Exposed over recent decades, but in an industry as dark as Hollywood, I’m sure there will be plenty more to come over the next few years.

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