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Green Bay Packers: Buy or Sell against the Tennessee Titans


November 10, 2016

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The Green Bay Packers have a week 10 matchup with Tennessee Titans. Can the Packers get back to winning after a tough home loss last week to the Indianapolis Colts? This is a very favorable matchup for them to do so. How do you feel about Green Bay’s chances of winning? Are you buying or selling the Green Bay Packers against the Tennessee Titans?

The issue with the Green Bay Packers has been their offense. They have not had the consistency they have had in previous years. I talked about this on my radio show Wednesday Night. The lack of running game has really hurt them. Although Ty Montgomery has done some good things in the backfield he is not a true running back in the sense of the game. He may be good as a change of pace but not as an every down back. This lack of running game is also hurting the passing game. Since they are not able to run consistently, teams are dropping coverage. The Packers receivers are not able to get open and QB Aaron Rodgers is having to try and exploit tighter windows. This is resulting in a lot of failed pass attempts and a lack of, what is more, common a high-powered Green Bay offense.

The Green Bay Packers defense has helped maintain games and keep them winnable. They are currently ranked 7th overall, 1st against the run, and 17th against the pass. It is this defense that has been making the plays for the offense. However, this defense cannot do it all. If the offense continues to be inept for the Packers, the defense will eventually wear down. Pass heavy teams have a lot of success right now against them. That was evident last week.

With being only a game out with 4 losses, after the start that the Minnesota Viking had is a testament to the Green Bay Packers defense. If you keep a game close I would take Aaron Rodgers in the 4th quarter any day. A young Titans defense should be no match for the Packers. I am buying the Green Bay Packers in week 10.

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