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Greg Hardy: Some Second Chances Aren’t Deserved

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Honestly, the fact that Greg Hardy is being given a chance is beyond me. There is blatant evidence that he physically harmed a woman, and the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones are giving him a second chance?

Seriously, I understand that this is the same incident, and pictures are being brought to the light, but seriously.

Put it in this perspective, you are at your place of employment, and there is a rumor that your coworker was accused of domestic violence. While you have a variation of questions, your first emotion/feeling is shock. Yet you find out the coworker was just moved to a different department, suspend from work for a couple of days, and then comes back, after the court disregarded the case.

A couple of weeks later, a e-mail pops up and it is pictures of the coworkers girlfriend at the time, and all of her bruises. Now you are disgusted, you feel a sort of hatred, disappointment, and sadness at the same time. Then the owner of the company comes out and says “We stand by this employee and are giving him a second chance.”

Yeah, well that owner is Jerry Jones, that place of employment is the Dallas Cowboys, and that feeling, is how every player in that locker room feels. Second chances, I mean come on, I am 23 years old, no kids, and work a full-time job while doing this and pursuing an internship, yet if I mess up on any of those, that’s my second chance.

I come in late, I mess up on an article, I forget to do the dishes, that’s where a second chance is deserved. Physically assaulting my wife, I am going to jail, no exceptions, so why should I feel sympathy, remorse, or any kind of forgiveness for someone who is getting away and has no feelings for it.

You understand that we made Ray Rice leave the league, the man will never play another game in his entire life, yet the Dallas Cowboys signed Greg Hardy to a contract, and continue to support him during this entire process and to state that he has a huge leadership and great role model persona is baffling.

At what point do we as a fan base say no more, regardless of what is going on in life one should not put his hands on his significant other, and for those who want to make the argument that he is innocent and did not do it, now the pictures speak for themselves, and if you for a minute want me to think that she caused that damage to herself, than that is mind-boggling.

What do you think should happen with Greg Hardy and his future with the Dallas Cowboys? Comment in the section below and share with others.

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3 thoughts on “Greg Hardy: Some Second Chances Aren’t Deserved

  1. I would have been okay with the hiring if the man kept his mouth shut and did all the could to try to correct the wrong by looking to learn more about how to combat his own propensity toward rage. Yet, what he does is mock women and in a very public manner. This is no way to behave especially after the NFL took such a stance by hiring former CJ experts who are supposed to be ensuring that the NFL takes the issues seriously. The League has become a somewhat laughing stock with the ‘No More’ campaign because it defies its own boundaries when it allows men like Hardy to run their mouths and then an owner like Jones stands by his man. Cowboys will probably finish in the bottom of the basement this year. Greed is gross.

    1. To throw my two cents in. This sends a BAD message to women who love football and adds another proverbial black eye to the NFL brand as a whole. As soon as I saw that pick of Jones and Hardy, I knew I had to use it, as it symbolizes making a deal with the devil.

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