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Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Is [SPOILER] Really Dead?

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Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 has now been out for a little over a week. However, not all Marvel fans have had the opportunity to see it yet. So, I would like to issue the customary SPOILER alert. If you have not seen the sequel to the first Guardians film, then bookmark this page. You can come back after seeing the latest installment in the MCU. If you have seen it, please proceed as normal.

The second Guardians film was built on relationships. Nebula and Gamora. Peter and his two fathers. Rocket and Yondu. Like any movie that has so many major relationships at the heart of the plot, an emotional ending is not a surprise. That’s exactly what we got in this film.

After being shunned by his friends for a portion of his life for wrong-doing, Yondu is ready to turn his life around. In his final heroic act, he sacrifices his life to help save his “adoptive” son, Peter Quill. Now, I would venture to say Yondu is as dead as dead can get within the MCU.

However, his death was not the only one in the third act in the film. Ego the Living Planet, Peter’s true father, also dies in the film. But, I am not as convinced that he will stay that way like I am with Yondu.

For starters, he is a celestial. Or in other words, he is a god. He is capable of making things out of thin air. He was even able to make himself a body that just so happens to resemble Kurt Russell!

In order to defeat him, the team needed to destroy his core. Now, from what I understood while watching the film, is that his core is essentially like a brain. But it is a brain that is also essentially his true self. That is why Groot needed to plant the bomb on this “brain”.

When it went kaboom, everything that Ego had built, including his Kurt Russell body, just disintegrated. His body basically turned to sand and blew away, just like all of the seeds he had planted.

But given how powerful of a being he is, is this really the end for Ego? The plan to blow up his core made sense, but what if there was more to it than that? Given the strange nature of Ego actually being a planet/god/celestial and not just your average alien, we cannot say for sure what the Guardians did was enough to “kill” him for good.

Maybe the blast just paralyzed his core in a way.  In time, it is possible that it can rebuild itself. As a result, he can get to work on rebuilding his human form as well.

One possible tell-tale sign would be if Peter’s powers come back. Given this film takes place in 2014, several years will have past until we see them again. In those years, maybe Peter discovers that he can still harness the energy to make stuff (like Pacman) when he pleases. This could be a subtle way of telling the audience that Ego is still lurking out there somewhere.

It is by no means a guarantee that he makes a comeback. But MCU fans should just prepare themselves for a potential return. Overcoming death has a history in this Marvel Universe. So Ego wouldn’t be the first to come back after being assumed dead.

What do you think? Is Ego dead for good? Or will he make his return in the future? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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