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Canada's Wonderland
Wonder Mountain - Canada's Wonderland

What Are The Best Coasters At Canada’s Wonderland?


May 14, 2017

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Canada’s Wonderland is one of many Cedar Fair owned parks in North America. And while the park isn’t their best, it certainly has its highlights.

So, what are the best coasters at Canada’s Wonderland?

5. Wonder Mountain’s Guardian
It’s tough to classify this as a coaster. And while it’s best to consider it a dark ride, there are coaster elements to it.

A classic arcade shooter ride, you start on an outdoor track similar to that of a coaster. Then, from there you’re whisked inside to start the shooting action.

While on the short side, WMG does pack a lot of punch into the experience. However, the final battle, which I won’t give away, does feature a very surprising ending. Hence, it’s the rides final moments that really make the coaster element of it seem real.

4. Backlot Stunt Coaster
There are three of these coasters at various Cedar Fair parks ( Canada’s Wonderland, Kings Dominion, Kings Island ). With this being my first time on any of the three, I must say it surprised me quite a bit. The theming on it is excellent, and while some of the effects weren’t working, I was blown away by the rides overall appearance.

If you’ve been on this ride at the various other Cedar Fair parks, the Canada’s Wonderland version won’t be that special to you. Although, if it’s your first go on this attraction, you’re going to love it.

3. Flight Deck
This steel invert from Vekoma is one heck of a ride. While not the smoothest, it’s a fun coaster that makes you feel like a fighter pilot. In fact, I took a front and back row ride on this coaster, and really enjoyed every second of it. Really, not the worst ride given its made by Vekoma.

2. Leviathan
Yes, the giga coaster ranks second on my list. I found Leviathan to be absolutely sensational. Also, I loved the airtime you get on the coaster. I just keep comparing it to Millennium Force. And I can’t seem to shake the fact that I love Force more.

Don’t get me wrong, when you come to Canada’s Wonderland the first coaster you find is Leviathan. It’s truly a remarkable ride.

1. Behemoth
A coaster has got to be good to tackle the number one spot over a giga coaster. I felt Behemoth does exactly that. It’s many airtime hills, amazing ending, and clam shell seats ( which are my favorite kind of seat on a coaster ) make this one of my favorite coasters. It also doesn’t hurt that I sat near the back of this ride. Consequently, ¬†giving me a lot of increased airtime.

What are your favorite coasters at Canada’s Wonderland? Did I leave anything out?

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