Hacking Pokemon ROM

Pokemon lovers thirst for a better Pokemon game never gets fulfilled, but I think Pokemon GBA hacks have fulfilled that and it has become the most desirable games of all pokefans. Won’t it be amazing if I tell you that you can start hacking Pokemon ROM to customize as you want your game to be? 

There are many features that can be customized like graphics, levels, gameplay etc. Before starting the process I want to tell you that this is not a trouble-free process if you are a noobie. If you have a lot of time and energy then only get into it. I will try to keep the process short and simple so that any little pokefan can get it.

Here you can find the steps involved with Pokemon ROM Hacks

ROM Hacking Process

1.You have to choose one ROM which you wanna hack, I will suggest the Fire red version. I have tried some other ROMs also but that didn’t go well.

2.Now you will need some basic tools that are very essential for hacking.

  • Advance Palette Editor– This tool is used to edit palettes in GBA ROMs, also allows you to enter a manual address and search for the palette as well. It is compatible with fire red.
  • Sappy & Mid2AgbDo you want your favourite song to be the background music of your favourite game? If yes then this is the tool for you. Compatible with fire red
  • A-Tack– By this tool, you can edit the attack indexes of GBA pokemon games.
  • RHEA-It stands for ROM header editor advance, it is used to edit the ROM header.
  • Advance series– It contains three Pokemon hacking tools, Pokemon icon editor, Advanced sprite position editor, Advanced pokemon sprite editor. It is the most useful tool of all.
  • Shinyzer– As the name suggests it is used to colour your PIKACHU in golden colour.
  • Advance Map-Used to change the pokemon maps with different variations.
  • Yape– It is short for “Yet another pokemon editor”. It is a very powerful tool in which you can edit any pokemon.
  • Advance Text– You can choose your own dialogues which show while playing with this tool.
  • XSE– You should download it for a better hacking experience.
  • Advance starter– It is used to change the starter pokemon.

Best Pokemon Games to Hack

  • Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

This game has remained one of the top-rated Pokemon Games among the gaming community. It was ranked #3 for 3 consecutive years by the Pokemon lovers.

This game works with improved graphics enabling a unique experience of playing with a day and night system. You can unlock many battlegrounds in this game as well.

  • Let’s Go Pikachu

This is one of the iconic Pokemon Games going around thanks to the little Pikachu character which revokes our childhood memory. 

In this game you will need to have an emulator. Here you can ride a Pokemon to find and fight other Pokemons. 

These are some of the tools that will help you with the hacking process and you can enjoy your pokemon GBA games with ease, Just want to tell you that this is a lengthy process and that’s why if you are new to this field then just join any group of experts where you can learn the process. Until then, follow my basic steps if you want to start on your own.


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