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I have something very interesting for the gamers, who want to live and play in their fantasy world of gaming. Now you can design your own multiplayer game, where you can enjoy playing with your friends and loved ones. I am giving you the ultimate recipe to build your personal Minecraft server, you just have to get a basic ingredient, which I am stating below.

Firstly, go and get the latest version of JAVA here, Because latest version won’t create any server issues and you will enjoy your game peacefully.

STEPS to build one of the Best Minecraft Servers are as follows-

  1. Installation procedure of JAVA latest version –
  2. If you have successfully downloaded the latest version of java then you are ready to jump to the next step i.e. go to the “downloads” section of your PC or laptop.
  3. Now you will get a “JavaSetup executable” file, run this file.
  4. A popup will appear asking if the application can make changes to your computer, select yes.
  5. Now as you move further you will get an Install window, click on install(you may be asked to delete the older version) then after removing the older version install the new one and update it.
  6. After getting the notification, “you have successfully installed JAVA”.

   B.Downloading the Minecraft server

  1.  Go to the Minecraft website (Minecraft.com) and download “Server.jar” file. I am giving you the link for the latest version of “Server.jar”.
  2. You will be notified that the file is not secured but the link I am giving is trustable and the original Minecraft website.
  3. Before running the jar file create a new folder for it,
  • Go to your desktop and right-click for a new folder, now rename it to any name you want.
  • Now go to downloads again and copy the “server.jar” file into this new folder.
  • Now right-click on it to “run” it, as you do it some configuration files will be created.
  • There you will find a file named “EULA”, click and open it, you will get EULA=FALSE, change it to “EULA=TRUE”,
  • Now save the file and EXIT from this folder.

     4.Now RUN the server.jar file to launch the server

  1. You are now ready to play your fantasy game. Your friends can find you on the multiplayer tab if they are playing on the same internet connection but if you want to play globally then you have to do “PORT FORWARDING” but you should know that it is a risky business so if not necessary then avoid it.

 C.PORT Forwarding

 If you are playing on your local network then you don’t have to worry but if you want to play globally then this is the way to it.

  1. Login to your ROUTER.
  2. Then go to your routers port forwarding section, known as a virtual server.
  3. Create port forward entries in your router.
  4. Now test your port if they are forwarded properly.

Minecraft is known as the 2nd most popular video game of the world so you now know that I have given you the procedure to build something great, so do follow the steps carefully and play your heart out. 

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