The Hamilton Company has been in business since 1892, making watches since 1893. They have grown and developed their timepieces until they are recognized in many areas as the best timepiece available. They are recognized for their split-second accuracy, which is especially appreciated in the aviation field, as well as others.

After manufacturing wristwatches and pocket watches until 1969, improving and developing along the way, the Hamilton Watch Company stopped it American manufacturing. It was absorbed by the Swatch Company after many mergers and buyouts. Swatch is a company located in Switzerland, and the Hamilton group is one of many companies in the conglomerate, the largest in the world.

During WWII, Hamilton shipped all their watches overseas to soldiers. They became the official timepieces for the military due to their accuracy. After the war, their watches again became available to consumers, with the company making great strides in the manufacturing state of the art wristwatches. Hamilton watches became the quality standard.

In the 1950’s, Hamilton enjoyed it a final decade in America. After many sales and takeovers, Hamilton sold its company to the Swatch Company in Switzerland and discontinued its manufacture altogether in America. It enjoyed only limited success until the 1970’s.

A company official of Hamilton watches company when it was in Pennsylvania developed the Pulsar watch, under their brand name. It was the very first digital watch in the world. The company changed their name to HMW after being absorbed in a merger. They lent their brand to any products for these two companies to promote their products, including the quartz watch which had recently come out.

Since its very inception, aviation has been dependent on timing and watches, with precision being of utmost importance. Just as the aviation field takes risks, pushes boundaries, and dares to be different, Hamilton does so and sets itself apart.

It has been adopted as the official timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship which requires split-second timing with speed and precision. This show’s death-defying man oeuvres and breakneck speeds require this precision to protect its pilots, the best in the entire world, seeking to win the awards of excellence.

Hamilton became the official watch of America’s four airlines in the 1930’s when airline travel became popular with wealthy Americans. It was used as the office timekeeper on the first non-stop, coast to coast flight between New York and San Francisco. Hamilton was instrumental in taking aviation to the top in this golden age of aviation. The reason for this popularity was the focus on precision and accuracy and the penchant for adventure and innovation.

Hamilton’s close connection with pilots has helped keep them uppermost in aviation watch innovation. Their collection includes watches that can log up to 20 flights across two time zones, and the ability to calculate landing speed, drift angle, and fuel required for flights. Their early success resulted in their being chosen as timekeepers of the first airmail flights between Washington and New York. This helped speed communication and allowed the economy to flourish as a result.

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