Safety tips for working at heights

Preventing a fall from heights is the greatest concern for most of the houses that have children and elderly people. As per a survey, each year, nearly millions of elders fall from heights and injure themselves. A fall can be very dangerous for elderly people. It may lead to injuries such as broken bones because of which they may have prolonged stays in the hospital. Medical complications and dehydration may also arise due to slips and falls. If you want seniors to stay safe on your premises, you should follow some tips by height safety and fall prevention experts to prevent falls and slips in your house. By just taking a few steps of precautions in your house and office, you can prevent serious falls. There is no need to take up costly home renovation service or buy fall prevention items. Just follow the simple tips given here.

Objects to be kept off the ground

Items such as books, containers, wires, rugs, blankets and boxes must not be kept on the way. They must be kept off the ground. Make sure the elders do not trip over cords, wires and ropes. It can be quite dangerous if you are not careful about wires and ropes. Shoes also lead to a lot of falls and act as tripping hazard. The floor must be absolutely clear to avoid falls and slips.

The walkway must be lighted up properly

Staircases and walkways or paths must be well lit and objects must not lie on the way. To improve the safety level in your house, consider the use of dim lights at night. Do not leave any area completely dark. Walkways must have proper night bulbs.

Slip resistant mats are a must

As per the height safety and fall prevention experts, bathrooms are the most dangerous zones that can cause slips and injuries. As bathroom is a danger zone, consider the use of anti-fall rubber mats. Use grab bars and anti-slip rubber mats in the bathroom. Grab bars are necessity for the bathroom. It provides security and support to the ones entering or exiting the bathroom. Grab bars should be installed properly in the bathroom.

Daily use items must be easy to reach

There are certain items required on a daily basis. Such items must not be kept at great heights. Do not store them in areas that are hard to reach. Kitchen items must be easily accessible and should be kept in drawers of the cabinets. Items must be kept in kitchen cupboards so that they may be accessed without any need for climbing up on a chair or something else.

High traffic areas should be devoid of stuffs

Remove all furniture items and other objects from high traffic areas. This is more important during the night time. If there are items on the way, the chances of slipping, falling or getting injured increases substantially.

What the seniors need to do?

If there are elderly at home, you may ask them to do certain things such as exercising regularly and improving on strength and fitness. Lack of exercise also leads to poor muscle tone. To increase bone mass, it is important for the aged to exercise regularly. They must choose certain exercises that can increase strength, flexibility and restore balance. Use of certain medications may also cause dizziness and weakness. Get in touch with the doctor if the medicines are not suiting you. Vision impairment is another reason that causes injuries due to falls. Visit an eye specialist on a regular basis to make sure that the person has a clear vision.

If any age person falls, it can be really dangerous for his overall health. Hence, fall prevention is an important part of senior care plan.

Look for permanent height safety and fall protection solutions. The fall guard system must comply with Australian standards. You can look for service providers online as well.

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