It’s been shown that the regular person spends around about 2 hours of their time on social media each day. For those who are obsessed with social media, you spend even more time on it.

As someone who spends so much time on social media, you’ve probably seen those people who display a lavish lifestyle and have dozens of brand deals. When you see these people, you might wonder how they do this and you can do it too.

You can turn that dedication to scrolling into a way to earn some extra money. Social media can be a very lucrative business if you strategize and prepare yourself to put in the effort. You can make a lot of money each week through social media such as Instagram.

Are A Lot of Followers Important?

Yes and no. There’s this misconception that if you don’t have a lot of followers then you can’t make any money. You can. If the content you present is real quality then brands could seek you out. Many brands are looking for social media influencers that produce quality over quantity. They want people who have followers that actually engage with them rather than expensive celebrities. For instance, a university student aged 18 to 24 are able to appeal to their peers to buy a brand. These students have a selling point even if they don’t have a huge audience.

On the other hand, you do need to have a decent number of followers. It needs to be more than just your friends. The minimum amount of money that you should ideally have is around 1,000 to start making a little bit of money. Getting followers may seem impossible but there are companies, like Empowered Owl, that can teach you strategies to attract more traffic.

How Much Money You Can Make

If you plan on making money from blogging and social media, the amount of money you could make is unlimited. For a lot of people who are social media influencers, their main means of making money is their social media. They have the freedom to work for themselves and have a comfortable salary.

Building up your profile and audience will take a lot of dedication and effort. This could be difficult for people who are pursuing a degree or have a full-time job. Even if you can’t completely dedicate your time to your social media, you can still make anywhere from fifty bucks to thousands of dollars for each Instagram post you make. For those who dedicate their whole lives to it, they can make about $100,000 a year.

To get the most amount of money possible, stay ahead of the trends. Instagram is the hottest social media platform at the moment and can earn you tons of money, but it may not always be as popular as it is now.

How to Find Your Niche

It’s impossible to appeal to everyone, and you shouldn’t try to. If you’re looking to make money off of your social media game then find your niche. It shouldn’t be something so specific only 10 people are interested in it, but it should be something unique to you.

To find your niche, think about the things that you’re knowledgeable about or have a passion for. You’re dedicating your time to displaying this niche to all of your followers, so you have to know what you’re writing about. Once you find a subject or genre that you’re interested in, find your own unique angle that will draw more people in.

How to Get More Followers on Social Media

Be consistent – Whatever your niche is, you want to make sure that you’re consistent in your posting. You want to be sure that you’re putting out new content every day. If you start to post sporadically then you’ll lose your followers’ interest.

Link your social media accounts – Link up all of your social media accounts. It will help you reach your followers on each platform without you having to put as much effort into it. The more platforms you have, the more exposure you get.

Use hashtags – Hashtags may seem overused and uncool, but they’re the best way of getting your content to those who have the same interests as you. You can find online tools to figure out which hashtags are the most used. You can also create your own unique ones and encourage your followers to use them.

The Most Important Method of Making Money

At the end of the day, the biggest thing that will attract more people to your social media platforms is your content. People will be interested in what you’re offering if you’re genuinely interested in it. Try to avoid being too promotional. Present good content and people are bound to follow you.

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