Managing finances may sound easier than earning money, but the truth is that it requires a lot of effort and planning. We are all humans, after all, and we tend to overindulge. That is given. But should that mean that you end up with a life that lacks financial security and puts you up in chains of depleted finances?

Talaya Scott is making lives so much easier with her comprehensive and detailed book, ‘So I graduated now what do I do?’ on managing finances. It is a must-read for all those involved in the modern-day hustle because we all know how unpredictable the times are. The pandemic has taught us that. Most of the people who survived through the pandemic had well-managed finances. Today, it has become more important than ever to acquire financial literacy.

You might wonder that it is a plain old guide with boring tips and tricks, with some horrid financial vocabulary, but the truth is that is completely the opposite. The book is meant for the layman and is a self-help book with a real-life story. It is a compilation of Talaya’s personal experience with finances. She has gone above and beyond to depict her life in the truest possible manner, accepting her flaws and learning from them.

The book depicts the rough childhood of Talaya, living under the horrible financial management of her parents. As she became an adult, she carried the same financial discipline in every situation. She had no concept of saving or investing rather paying her bills and spending the rest. That is what she had grown watching her parents do, and that is what she implemented in her life too as an adult. Her habits eventually caught her bad when at the age of 29, she ended up bankrupt and dead broke.

Talaya says, “ During this experience, I took an introductory class in accounting, and this is where I uncovered my first sprinkle of hope. I soon changed my major in my master’s program from an MBA to an MSA. I learned everything about accounting and financial management. I read my textbooks, self-help books, went to seminars, took financial trainings, etc. You name it, and I did it truly trying to figure out why life was so different for me, and then I found the truth. The truth is in my book.”

Apart from being a self-help book teaching essential life lessons by depicting the inspiring journey of Talaya Scott, it is also thoroughly entertaining. The tone is interesting and does not fail to amuse the reader. It is a great read on real-life financial concepts that are not being taught through formal education.

Surely life teaches you the best lessons, and Talaya makes sure that she shares the ones she learned the hard way!

Get your copy of the book here and learn how to master your finances.



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