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Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party Film Review

Once again, the great Dinesh D’Souza delivers.

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party is a compelling, beautifully-produced documentary about facts. In this election cycle, it is unfortunate that most Americans today no longer care about facts and have ignored undeniable truths. The failed promises and disastrous records of the Obama-Clinton administration should be a warning sign for voters all across the nation. However, it seems as if that the truth no longer matters and many are entitled to things they did not earn for themselves.

This is depressing and problematic.

Hillary’s America is such a powerful movie because of the full, unabridged history of the Democratic Party it provides. From the cruel, racist Jacksonian days to Clinton’s Alinskyite tactics, D’Souza lays out the facts and further educates American voters.

The film dives deep into the Democrats’ Jim Crow days, the founding of the KKK, Margaret Sanger’s plan for social engineering, and Hillary Clinton’s corrupt history as a politician. The movie refutes many fraudulent claims. For example, it has always been a Democrat talking point that after the passage of the Civil Rights Act (repeatedly filibustered by Democrats), Southern Democrats crossed over to the GOP.

In Hillary’s America, Dinesh D’Souza says: LIES!

As a sample to the kind of intriguing information this movie provides, the truth about the infamous “Southern strategy” is explained.

If one was to add up all the Democrat Congressman, Governors, Klansmen, and Senators that favored  racism or opposed the CRA, less than one percent of them crossed over to the GOP.

The reason that most Southern states started turning red during the 1960s, 70’s, and 80s is because of the free-market economy championed by the GOP. The more Republican the South got, the less racist it became. The Republican Party has always been one about equality under the rule of law: Abraham Lincoln argued for African Americans to become citizens and receive the constitutional right to vote.

The 13th Amendment received 100% Republican support and 23% Democrat support. The 14th Amendment received 94% Republican support and 0% Democrat support while the 15th Amendment, giving voting rights to all Americans regardless of race, received an astounding 100% from the GOP and 0% from our friends at the Democratic Party.

Facts aside, Hillary’s America features beautifully-shot historical scenes and looks in-depth into the racial and societal struggles suffered by America. Dinesh D’Souza’s narration is captivating and calming as he takes a journey back in time to reveal Hillary Clinton’s political intent and the Democratic Party’s secret history.

Also featured on the movie are great conservatives like Jonah Goldberg from National Review, author Peter Schweizer, and Vanderbilt law school professor Carol Swain. All together, H.A is extremely informative, entertaining, and should dissuade any Clinton voter from showing up at the polls.

After seeing the movie, one can’t but have utmost respect for D’Souza’s courage and love for liberty. Hillary’s America makes the case for freedom and true equality. Every American needs to watch it before the November election. The DVD version is out and you should absolutely give it a shot.

Before you watch the movie, give this a thought:

What if the goal of the Democratic Party is to steal the most valuable thing this world has ever produced?

What if their plan is to steal America?



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