(Image courtesy of KicksOnFire.com)
(Image courtesy of KicksOnFire.com)

With what started as a dream, is now recognized as one of New York City’s elite street wear brands in Kith.

(Image courtesy of StyleMagazine.com)
(Image courtesy of StyleMagazine.com)

Kith, a creation by up-and-coming designer Ronnie Fieg, has not only brought new ideas into an already bombarded fashion scene in one of the most preeminent cities in the world, but has also looked to connect the work back to where it all began. New York City.

Supreme and Stussy started off the trend of street fashion in the 1990’s, and with that we have progressed to more casual brands such as Billionaire Boys Club, A Bathing Ape and Pyrex Vision as well as brands that look to redefine the edge, grit and grind of the early era of street fashion in Hood By Air, Maison Martin Margiela, VFiles and Pigalle.

Kith on one hand is casual, and on another hand is redefining.

Brands come and go. We have seen the rise of brands such as Been Trill only for them to turn into a commodity you would find on Ebay rather than in SoHo.

Ronnie Fieg has changed fashion for the better.

Taking in account how it all started, Fieg-developed Asics, a brand renowned for its running shoes, and transformed its Gel Lyte series into what can be described as some of the hottest releases of 2014.

In Fieg’s latest Kith collection, NYC’s Bravest, Fieg brings back the horrendous memories from 9/11, a month after the anniversary, with a shoe that means more than its $170 price tag. The shoe not only emulates the New York Police Department (NYPD) and Fire Department of New York (FDNY), but also shows the desire and hard work needed to succeed post the events that unravelled.

Fieg has made Kith more than just one of the hottest names in fashion, he has made it a representation of the New York fashion scene. New York City is known for fashion.

Whether in Midtown, Broadway or on Mercer, Bleecker, Spring, Lafayette, Greene street, fashion is synonymous in it’s representation of New York. Public perception is everything, and the current fashion scene in the city is unparalleled by any city in the world.

Kith has not only broken into the market, but has expanded its small pop up store on Bleecker Street, into one of the most enticing stores in New York with its recent expansion.

Having been enthused by the street fashion market for a few years now, I can say that I have spent a fair share in the fashion haven that is Kith. Sneakers, as well as clothing, have made the brand what it is today.

The likelihood of it transpiring into one of the more successful street brands of the era is high. Fieg is a genius, and Kith is his creation.  The more you see, the more you will like. The brand is relatively new.

In it’s tucked-away location, it is often hard to miss, but once you enter, the magic of Kith and Fieg will ensure you will not want to leave.

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