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Percy Harvin: Smart Move or Desperation?

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(Image courtesy of NewYorkJets.com)
(Image courtesy of NewYorkJets.com)

As we all know by now, Percy Harvin has been traded by the Seattle Seahawks to the New York Jets. You can debate the wisdom of Seattle throwing in the towel as early as they did. The more intriguing question is, “why did the Jets make the trade?”

There are several reasons why the Jets would make a trade of this magnitude. They need an event to get the fans and the New York media off of them. It is a Hail Mary by GM John Idzik. This transaction is a worthwhile gamble, but may have an ulterior motive.

Transcendent talents like Harvin are rare. He has real game-changing ability that can be utilized in a variety of ways. Harvin can play as a wide receiver, a running back or as a kick returner. Versatility and athleticism like this can’t be taught. Percy could be a much needed boost for the Jets because they need a ton of help on the offensive side of the ball. Other than Eric Decker, there isn’t a big threat at receiver.

That being said, Idzik should know what the risks are when acquiring a player like him.

Seattle got rid of him because he was a huge problem child. Allegedly, he got into fights with teammates, quit during a game and caused problems with Russell Wilson. Things like that shouldn’t be tolerated. Harvin is also very injury-prone. On top of that, there is also the conundrum of learning how to use him.

There were two problems. The first problem was Marshawn Lynch. Lynch has been the primary running back for the whole season. Thus, he has gotten a lot of touches. The other problem is that the scheme also emphasizes the short passing game. Harvin isn’t great at running routes, and a lot of Seattle’s offense is based on timing and precision. It diminished his effectiveness.

He was not a good fit for Seattle. So that begs the question, does he fit with the Jets’ offense?

It is hard to say if Harvin will be effective in the Jets’ offense. It is a West-Coast offense, similar to the Seattle scheme. In theory, he doesn’t fit. However, I think that there will be pressure from Idzik to give Harvin more touches. You don’t make a trade like this and not have the acquisition play.

It is a worthwhile gamble, but could there be another reason for getting Harvin?

I feel that the main reason Idzik got Harvin is because he may be in danger of getting fired and felt pressured to make a move. The big issue with him is that he has done a terrible job in free agency. He had a ton of cap space to use and barely spent any of it. New York’s roster lacks playmakers and is mediocre at best. That is his doing. He’ll use the acquisition of Harvin to try and save his job.

Problem is that the Jets are 1-6 and pretty much done for the season. Owner Woody Johnson probably thought they could compete for a playoff spot. He may be contemplating changes to the organization because of the disappointing results. Right now, the team is in evaluation mode.

We’ll see if Johnson sees through Idzik. He may blame Rex Ryan for this debacle. That would be unfair because Rex has done his best with what Idzik has given him, which is nothing.

The Harvin deal was all about self-preservation for Idzik. We’ll see if his last ditch effort works.

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