If you are looking to transform a room that is a bit on the darker side? Don’t turn to major home renovation just yet. Do you know that the curtains can transform the room into the space you always craved? We often forget about the simple things that can have the most impact. Something as simple as few home décor tricks can do wonders with the dark room and make your space look much brighter and inspiring.

Let us show you how you can make your own curtains to bring in more light and transform your space.

Sewing isn’t just for pros!

Don’t be intimidated by the sewing machine! You can do it. Basic curtains take only the most basic seams to manufacture. You just need a straight stitch and two or three reverse stitches to tack the seam down. If you’ve never sewn before, check out the classes at your local fabric store. They are certain to have basic sewing classes available, and you might even get to make a fun craft in the process.

You can even start with books and watching YouTube videos and while these are fantastic for getting your feet wet, they can’t teach you everything a real expert can.

Once you have the basics figured out, consider getting a sewing machine to help you make all those wonderful home decors at home. For beginners who are looking for a bit of help with choosing theirs, I’ve developed a list of the top sewing machines for window treatments right here! If you’ve never sewn before, these introductory curtains are a great beginner project. There are no fancy seams or stitches needed.

Choosing a Fabric

The world of fabric is full of beautiful choices for your interior design projects. With that said, some fabrics are easier to sew than others. It is recommended that you start with a cotton or cotton-linen blend if you are a beginner. The rough texture on some heavier drape fabrics is enticing, but it may be harder to sew. You can go for it anyways if you choose to pin really carefully and iron heavily, but it is definitely harder. Totally your choice!

What You Will Need:

· Scissors

· Pins

· Measuring tape

· Fabric

· Sewing thread that matches the fabric

· Iron

· Ironing board

· Sewing machine or hand needle

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measuring is possibly the most important part of making curtains. Measure from the top of your window to where you want the bottom of the drapes to fall. Add eight inches to get the height of the drape fabric that you need per panel. The width of each panel will be the width of the fabric bolt minimum. This may or may not leave you with gather. Most people who gather their drapes go with one and half to three times the width of the window per panel. This is a more common look, but you can also just add a few inches if you want to gather just a little bit.

Getting Started

Before you start sewing, you will need to wash and iron the fabric carefully. Be careful that the iron is on the right setting so that it doesn’t burn the fabric. This is especially a concern with polyester and silk types. Skip the washing if your fabric is dry clean only.

Ironing the Seams

Start by hemming the sides of the fabric panels (the parts that hang vertically) and turn them under one quarter inch. Iron carefully, then fold the seam over onto itself so that no raw edge is showing and iron again. Do this to each side but not the top and bottom of the panels. Pin perpendicularly every four to six inches.

The First Seam

Sew a straight line one eighth of an inch away from the edges on top of the hems you just ironed. Don’t worry about tacking these down with a reverse stitch.

Iron Again

Iron one half an inch from the bottom of the curtain, then fold it over onto itself with a five inch hem again. This will take five and half inches off the total length. Pin perpendicularly every four to six inches.

On the top of the curtain, iron down a half an inch. Then fold the fabric down again onto itself another two inches. Pin perpendicularly every four to six inches.

Sewing the Top and Bottom

Sew both the top and bottom one eighth of an inch away from the inner fold. This would be four and seven eighths of an inch from the bottom and one and seven eighths of an inch from the top. At the beginning and the end of these seams, reverse the stitch two or three stitches in to tack the seam down.

Voila! You have drapes that will make your space look amazing.


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