It seems that most people agree on the following: some extra space in one’s home should be a welcome asset.

Garden rooms are universally appealing for several reasons: they are both secluded and out in the open, they offer privacy but at the same time they are comfortable and inviting for anyone, and they can be used for many things, from studios and offices to playrooms and places to meditate.

We give you a few useful décor ideas you can use to make a secluded haven from your garden room

Modern garden rooms

First things first: garden rooms exist to allow you to bring more of the Outside in and vice versa – to bring out all the comforts of the Inside. We have come a real long way from ugly, draughty sheds we had in the past.

Today, most garden rooms are made of glass and/or wood so they are sturdy and secure.

What is more, you can make the room more eco-friendly and by installing a small wood burning stove and insulating it so that you don’t need much fuel and energy to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Make it colourful: Of course, you can’t make your garden room solely out of glass, and you will probably want to decorate it to make it more inviting.

Depending on what you’re going to use it for, you can start by bringing in a soft, colourful rug, bright flower pots with herbs, hand-made pillowcases you made yourself out of old sweaters and tees, or you can go a step further and paint each wall a different colour. If you’re going to use it as an office or a studio, it might be a good idea to paint at least a part of the wall black so you can use it for making notes and sketches in coloured chalk – it’s as useful as it is lovely.

Interior and exterior intertwined: Taking interior and exterior design and using them both to create something new is tricky and you should be cautious not to overdo it. Still, there are ways to make the transition seem natural and charming.

Think about sunroom designs and make sure you get large windows which will let in a lot of natural light, but which will also allow you to see the rest of your garden and to feel like you’re really outside.

You might not be able to bring in your lawn and hedge, but cleverly arranged succulents and several large indoor plants in the corners will make it seem like you’re actually in the garden, rather than in a room. Big plants, rattan furniture, soft rugs, and a couple of lamps for those nights when you’ll be working late and you’ll feel like you’re in a glass bubble.

Light it up: You aren’t building another gardening shed but a garden room – a comfortable and inviting space where you will spend a lot of time. This means that you should make sure there is always enough light – daylight and artificial light alike. Aggressive daylight is perfect for plants and keeping warm in winter, but there will also come a time where you will want a bit of coolness and shade.

Awnings and Plantation Shutters are perfect choice because they are durable, colourful, and have grain pattern that makes them perfect for a garden room. Good blinds and shutters can keep the room insulated and keep sun at bay when you need a respite from its warmth, but they can easily be open to let the sunshine in when you need its warmth.

A secluded space right in the comfort of your home is something everyone needs, and if you take it upon yourself to make a garden room, prepare for a demanding yet rewarding task which will give you so much freedom and comfort by the time you finish. Forget about old dark dens willed with moisture, dust, and insects and use all your skills and creativity to create a place where you’ll feel safe and free.

Author Bio: David Koller is a freelance blogger passionately interested in minor house fixes and home décor.

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