Are you thinking of expanding your home? Do you need more rooms for your house? Nowadays, homeowners need to utilize every room in their house to accommodate more people or have more space for a growing family.

Instead of purchasing a new home, you can just look for a way to have more space within your current house. Using your imagination, you can think of ways to create a new bedroom.

The garage is a space that most homeowners take for granted. However, with the right design, your rusty old garage can become a brand new room. If your garage is spacious and hasn’t been used for years, you can opt to strip it down and turn it into a place where you and your family can hang out.

Tips on Transforming Your Garage into a Bedroom

Converting your garage into another bedroom may be a great idea. However, you need to consider many factors before starting your renovation. Here are some of the most helpful tips for transforming your garage into a bedroom:

Ask your neighbors. A construction can generate noise that can affect the people who live around you. Therefore, you need to talk to your neighbors to see if they’re okay with it. You can also inquire with the homeowners’ association if they could allow the construction to push through.

Acquire the necessary permits. Once you can gain the approval of your neighbors and the association, you can start securing the required permits for your garage transformation.

Clean your garage. Before you start with the transformation process, you must first clean out the garage. Remove all your tools and the other items that you stored in there. Determine what items you wish to keep and discard the ones that you will no longer use. Be mindful of the hazardous items in your garage such as nails, tacks, and other sharp tools.

Know how much space you have. After cleaning the garage, measure the amount of space that you have. Knowing the size of your entire garage will help you figure out a layout that is appropriate for it.

Create a design. Using the measurements, create a layout or a plan that fits the size of your garage. If you’re making a bedroom, consider including a bathroom, so the person who’ll stay there doesn’t have to go to the main house to use the bathroom.

Consider other elements. Garages are usually dark and cramped. They lack proper ventilation, and they don’t have direct access to natural light. Therefore, you need to consider these as well:

Doors. Determine where you should put the door. Are you planning on separating the new bedroom from the main entrance or you include it as an extension of your home? Positioning the door correctly can help the tenant have access to the main house. You may inquire with Garage Doors and More for more information about what kind of doors to install in your new room.

Windows. For the garage or the new bedroom to be well lit, you need to add windows that allow ample sunlight to enter the room. You can put broader windows to add more light to space.

Ventilation. You can also consider the new bedroom’s ventilation. Since it was once a closed space, you should improve its ventilation to avoid stagnant air from filling out space. Proper ventilation can also prevent tenants from feeling too stuffy while inside the new bedroom.

Benefits of Transforming Your Garage into a Bedroom

You may not have to move into a bigger home because of your growing family or your additional space requirement. Instead, you can try to convert your garage to a bedroom like blogs such as Coreplanets Blog to save on moving costs, as well as to avoid leaving your current home. Another benefit is that your renovation costs can result to an additional value on your current home. Removing the garage and changing it into an extra bedroom can increase your house’s value in the real estate market.

If you are in need of an extra income, you can invest in your garage transformation and create a small studio apartment that you can rent out to people who are looking for a place to stay. You can get the return on investment in a matter of years; depending on the value it cost you to renovate the garage.

Consider the Contractor

A garage renovation is not possible without a competent contractor. You may have a great design in mind, but without the right contractor, your idea won’t be appropriately executed. Therefore, you need to find a contractor that can meet your requirements and implement the plan according to your design. Good luck!

Author Bio: Mike is a building expert who has specialised in garage doors and more for the past 30 years. He currently writes for My Door Pro and is dedicated to building and constructing garages for clients to the best possible standard. In his spare time, he enjoys have a coffee at the local cafe.

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