Home Improvement: The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances For 2019!


The kitchen is aptly called the ‘heart of the home’. But even if we recognize the importance of our home kitchens, we often fail to make it a priority to purchase the best items and pieces of equipment with which we can cook efficiently. Cooking is an art and requires a tremendous amount of patience to achieve perfection when it comes to delivering amazing dishes. What is exciting about today is that you can mix cooking and technology as an integrated whole. There are many smart devices and other smart kitchen appliances that are available in the market at a reasonable price. These devices can help you automate several functions of your cooking processes and make your task easier. For instance, some devices can update you on your grocery situation and food preparation, and even make sure if you are following the recipe correctly!

Smart Kitchen Devices:

There is no limit as to what a smart kitchen appliance can do. Some devices are meant to perform multiple tasks, and there are ones that are meant to perform a particular task like making coffee and so on. There is a wide array of smart objects that are waiting to adorn your kitchen in the market. And honestly, once you start paying more attention to how your kitchen functions and start buying these gadgets, you will never be able to comprehend how you used to live without them in your life. It doesn’t matter if cooking is your passion, or if you just want to cook enough food to survive, there is an appliance out there that can make your life a bit easier.

Some Small Helpful Devices: 

If you have just embarked on the journey of creating a smart kitchen for yourself and are unsure of what to do next, here’s a tip – start small. You don’t have to replace your existing appliances to replace them with smart ones. There are plenty of affordable and space-friendly devices and appliances that can help you enjoy your life in the kitchen and even help you in some other spheres, like cleaning up and keeping a track of your groceries. These devices can easily be acquired from anywhere within the culinary market for under $100. What is more interesting is that they are small enough to be cloaked inside cabinets and drawers when not being used. Here are some specific smart devices to make your kitchen life a lot more fun:

  • Perfect Bake Pro: Baking is just like chemistry; you just have to make sure that you put in just the right amount of ingredients to make the perfect end product. For some people, this is a walk in the park. While for some others, it seems like an impossible task. They just can’t seem to get it right! They can, however, rejoice to know that Perfect Bake Pro is available in the market to do the deed for them. This gadget connects with an app on your Smartphone device and monitors your mixing bowl in real-time and guides you on the amount of ingredient you need to pour, and even make adjustments if necessary.
  • The Weber Kitchen Thermometer: Have you ever been an inch away from cultivating a perfect dish, but had to toss it away because you cooked it for a minute too long? If yes, then you must know how important it is for your dish to get its temperature right. The Weber Kitchen Thermometer is tasked with the important job of measuring the temperature of up to two different dishes while they are being cooked. What is more, is that you don’t even need to wait in the kitchen, as the device connects with an app on your Smartphone device and notifies whenever the desired temperature is acquired.  
  • Automated Roti-Maker: One of the most common and basic dishes that you can serve is roti or a flat-bread. But often, it gets difficult to get them right and that, of course, invites a lot of judgmental looks from your friends and your relatives.  Rotimatic, an automated rotimatic, is a smart kitchen device that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, puffs and delivers the perfect roti on its own. All you need to do is make sure that its container is filled with the required ingredients! Check rotimatic reviews

Counter-Top Appliances:

One of the first things that people notice when they enter your kitchen is how clean your counter is. If it is all smooth and shiny, you have impressed them already without even cooking anything. Now imagine, they come to inspect your countertops and they find it filled with impressive and extravagant smart devices. Here are some easily accessible countertop gadgets that you can purchase to increase kitchen productivity:

  • Tovola Steam Oven: This is one of the most efficient, multi-purpose smart appliances available on the market. This super-functional smart oven can bake, broil, and steam foods through automated app control and QR codes. 
  • The Brava Oven: This shares a large amount of similarity with the Tovola Steam Oven. The difference being that the Brava Oven is adorned with a touch screen and an app that contains a large number of interesting recipes.  
  • The AmazonBasics Microwave: Available within a reasonable price range, this microwave’s features can be accessed through Alexa voice commands. It is not extravagant when it comes to power and functionality, but given that it is available within the same price range as other normal models, it is a great alternative for Alexa users.

Thinking Big?

By now, you must be starting to realize that having a smart kitchen is akin to having a piece of paradise within your home. So if you are planning to spend a larger amount of sum in renovating your kitchen, do consider a smart refrigerator. Companies like LG and Samsung have devised many smart, connected refrigerators that let you perform a large number of functions from far away, like checking the status of the refrigerator or having in-built cameras inside to ensure that you have enough groceries.

These devices are extremely affordable and make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. Therefore, it is only natural to invest a considerable amount of your budget to renovate your kitchen and install instead of a smart one in its place.


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