A hormonal decline can make you uncomfortable and irritable. You can only avoid the adverse effects of the problem when you have hormonal therapy done. Men, too, can benefit from hormonal treatment when they feel a decline in some bodily functions. If you are looking to find hormone replacement in Lady Lake, here is what the team of specialists at Integrated Family Medical Center would like you to know about the procedure.

What is the importance of hormonal replacement therapy?

Men have their hormones decline when they reach a certain age, which also happens in women. Hormone replacement does not mean harmful chemicals in your system but boosting hormones in your body system with other natural ones to give the best results. Increasing your hormonal levels to the previous state means that you will contend with minor irritability cases and a drop in body functionality. Integrated Family Medical Center uses many technologies for hormonal replacement; you can benefit from traditional synthetic forms or the modern ones that resemble body hormones. However, improving your hormone levels with other similar and natural ones in the body means that you have fewer side effects, and your body functionality returns to normal much faster.

What benefits can hormones offer the body?

Hormones have many functions, which are not evident to you. However, most body functions require the help of hormones. Without hormones, you will have a flawed metabolic process, immune response, and even sexual health.

Hormones have various characteristics, and today there are about 50 known hormones in the system of a human being. Hormones fall into the following categories:

Melatonin: helps people in their sleep and also controls circadian rhythms

Testosterones: this is a sex hormone present in all genders

Progesterone: a female-only hormone that helps in reproductive issues

DHEA: helps in the production of other hormones

Estrogen: present in females and helps in sexual reproduction issues

Hormones are useful. However, they also decline as people get old. Women, for instance, have their fertile ages from their teens to early thirties; after that age, their hormones take a significant hit. At around 50, women reach their menopause, where hormone production falls significantly, ushering in a new era of irritability and other discomforts.

Men in their 30s have their version of menopause, making them less efficient in sexual matters.

What are the signs that you need hormonal therapy?

Many imbalances in the body can point you to a hormonal replacement expert. While you require an expert to make a proper diagnosis, you can benefit from some observation. You can lookout for the following to detect your falling hormone levels:

Hair loss

Lack of energy

Memory losses

Weight gain

Less interested in sex


Mood swings

What are the available techniques for hormonal therapy?

Hormones in your body have a connection. Integrated Family Medical Center uses this fact to give the best response to your falling hormones.

Low libido and irritability can make your seniorhood less appealing. However, you can eliminate these issues with hormone therapy. Reach Integrated Family Medical Center via a phone call or make your booking online to start a journey to redefine life in your seniorhood.

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