Teeth problems can drive you crazy. They are never easy, and most times cause great pain, making it difficult to focus on basic tasks. If you have any concerns with your dental health, you deserve the best care. Scott Young, DDS has a fantastic team of qualified professionals just for this purpose. In The Woodlands oral surgery center, a higher level of care is provided by the institution. This is in addition to general dentistry and sedation dentistry services in the region and Texas at large. Below are some of the services that they offer.

Gingivitis treatment

When plaque builds up on the gums, it hosts bacteria with it, which causes swelling and bleeding of the gums. This disease is called gingivitis. It is caused by poor dental hygiene, tobacco use, poor nutrition practices, incorrectly done dental fittings, chronic diseases, stress, and genetic factors. It is characterized by swelling, pain, losing teeth, bleeding gums, and bad breath. Scott Young, DDS handles this illness depending on your symptoms and daily lifestyle. Good oral practices may take care of the gingivitis, and sometimes the specialists may have to clean the plaque to eradicate the problem and prescribe medication for you.

General dentistry

General dentistry involves standard dental care practices to prevent tooth decay, oral cancer screening, and handling usual dental problems like tooth extraction, porcelain inlays and onlays, tooth bonding, gum disease, root canal therapy, and periodontal therapy. Oral cancer screening is necessary to identify any signs of oral cancer early for treatment. The procedure involves a detailed observation of the inside of your mouth, including feeling the soft tissue to identify any abnormalities.

Sedation dentistry

This is a kind of dentistry in the institution where the specialist uses medication to assist you in relaxing while you have your dental procedures done. This is a decision made to help those people who fear visiting dentists due to anxiety. At Scott Young, DDS, this procedure is handled with utmost care for your safety. The specialists have to thoroughly examine your health history and current condition to determine if it is safe to give you a sedative. The sedatives range from mild to completely anesthetic but will depend on what you request. If you opt for sedation, it is advisable to have someone with you after the procedure since you might be a little faint.

Oral surgery

The team at Scott Young, DDS is highly qualified to handle any dental problem that might require you to have surgery. These might include root canals, decayed teeth, dental implants, fractured teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, among many others, depending on the diagnosis. They also give you advice on how to take care of your oral behavior after surgery so that you can heal faster and get back to your usual activities, which usually happens within 48 hours after surgery.

Cosmetic Veneers

This is the implantation of thin porcelain shells to cover deformed or stained teeth. They are shaped to resemble normal teeth and usually give you back a normal look.

Scott Young, DDS has a ready and dedicated team to get your teeth and your overall dental health in shape. Why wait when you can visit Scott Young, DDS, anytime?

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