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HorrorHound Weekend: Face Your “Nightmare” In Indianapolis

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NEW-SITE-MAINOn the weekend of September 11th horror fans will converge on Indianapolis, IN  for HorrorHound Magazine’s perennial festival, dedicated to horror movies and everything else horror related…HorrorHound Weekend.

In its 10th year of existence, HorrorHound Magazine is throwing a nightmarish celebration. Attendees will be able to meet actors and actresses from some of their favorite classic horror movies.

This year the convention features a Nightmare on Elm Street reunion, that includes cast members who have appeared throughout the series. The crown jewel of the group being the “Nightmare” man himself, the man who made Freddy Kruger a legend – Robert Englund.

Other Notable guests include Danielle, Harris, James Hong, Lance Henriksen, and Steven McHattie. Click on the banner above to access the HorrorHound Weekend site for a list of the other guests in attendance.


Another portion of the festivities is Mask-Fest, an assemblage that includes some of the finest special effects artists and mask makers in the business. It’s a bazaar of the bizarre and horrific, which features masterfully crafted masks, costume accessories, and a whole lote more.

Visitors to Mask-Fest may have the chance to meet industry legends like Tom Savini, Howard Begrer, Robert Kurtzman, Jordu Schell, and Ed and Marsha Edmunds. For a list of other Mask-Fest guests, click on the banner above.

But wait! That is by no means all there is to offer at this soirée. There is also the HorrorHound Film Festival featuring titles like: L.A.Slasher, Volumes of Blood, Valley of the Sasquatch, RUN, The Funhouse Massacre, Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn, Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween, and the 1984 horror classic, directed by the legendary Wes Craven (RIP) – A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Aad there is also Saturday night’s concert, Saturday Night Terrors. The lineup for this bash features Harley Poe, Koffin Kats, For the Wolf, The Loveless, and Argyle Goolsby & the Roving Midnight.

This is a weekend of horror fans will not want to miss. Head on over to the HorrorHound Weekend site to get admission tickets  and photo-op tickets while they are still available. If you miss out, it may be your worst nightmare.

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