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How Are Top Gaming Shops In Dubai Addressing The Power Shortage Problem?

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Schools and other educational institutes worldwide are opening with a wide range of remote distancing and tech-driven learning plans put in place. Although the educational sector worldwide has struggled to combat the COVID19 outbreak, computers and laptops have enabled students to stay on track with their syllabuses.

But, the demand for computers and laptops have skyrocketed. Currently, the number of PCs and laptops in circulation is not enough to meet the demand. As per recent news reports, sales of gaming consoles, laptops, and PCs have increased by 20% on all leading UAE online portals. This increase in demand has triggered a rise in average prices.

Understanding the Shortage of Electronics

Several elements are feeding the worldwide shortage of electronics. Some of them include –

  • Slow port inspections because of COVID19 guidelines is resulting in longer stock cycles.
  • The average prices of PCs and laptops have gone up due to the unavailability of low-priced alternatives.
  • Global supply chain weaknesses are yet to be addressed.
  • An unexpected rise in demand and shortages in supply have triggered an increase in online prices of electronic gadgets in the UAE.
  • Most entry-level models are sold out. People who need laptops and PCs to work from home or for remote learning are having to shop for high-end products.

These effects are set to last for at least six more months as global supply chains slowly recover. In the meantime, what can students and professionals who desperately need access to high-quality PCs and laptops do? They’ve found an unlikely source of help from the local tech and gaming stores.  

How Are Local Online Stores Helping to Resolve This Issue?

The top  gaming shops in Dubai  have weathered the COVID19 storm much better than leading manufacturers. Most tech shoppers are almost conditioned to go to the big branded websites. However, local stores with digital presence have managed their stock much better than the major brands.

Here are the advantages these local gaming and tech stores offer –

  • Better Stocking – Users are more likely to receive discount deals on these reliable and local platforms because, unlike top manufacturers who sell directly to consumers, these retail outlets don’t sell out instantly.
  • No Shipment or Processing Fees – Another way users can save money by shopping local is by negating shipment and processing fees. International electronics sellers have to spend a lot on shipping and managing their orders. The customers undertake these costs. So, the higher the cost of the device, the higher the additional fees. On the other hand, shopping from local electronic shops does not entail these added expenses because these sellers don’t spend as much on transport and handling.
  • Payment Alternatives – Local gaming and hardware stores also offer more payment alternatives. Instead of racking up their credit card bills on purchases from international retail outlets, users can exercise flexible payment options by shopping from regional outlets.
  • User Data Security – A major concern that people have regarding local online purchases is security. But, the leading local gaming and tech shops also employ sufficient security measures to protect user information. Recent regulations and a barrage of cybersecurity threats in the past have compelled these local sellers to install the strongest security measures on their online portals.
  • Faster Transactions – Local electronics stores have various software tools that enable them to process transactions much faster. Since there are lesser payment and distance-related variables involved in these transactions, local sellers and gaming shops can guarantee swift payments.
  • Safe Deliveries – In the post-COVID19 world, all supply and delivery chains across the world have become far less reliable. On the other hand, local tech stores and gaming shops have been able to manage their stock, supply, and delivery chains to make the most of this opportunity. Some of them even offer same-day deliveries, which most international tech sellers are failing to offer. These amenities help users save time. For people who need instant access to PCs or laptops, early deliveries mean a lot.
  • Repair and Customer Support – Local gaming stores and tech stores are far more efficient than international sellers when it comes to customer service. Users can easily send back their devices to these local tech stores. Also, local gaming shops are in a better position to offer high-quality customer service to customers.

How to Get Discounts on Tech Purchases Amidst a Pandemic?

Even though the pandemic has forced many tech sellers to increase the prices of their products, users can still cut costs by –

  • Installing shopping bargain tools.
  • Subscribe to deals from local sellers. 
  • Shop for devices that offer long-term value. By doing so, tech shoppers can make the most of the inflated costs. 

In the USA, schools are experiencing a shortage of 5 million laptops. As top manufacturers fail to meet the increasing demands, local gaming and hardware shops have excelled. Due to their efficient stock planning, they have bridged this gap and provided consistent, convenient, and enjoyable shopping experiences to users.


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