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Have you ever been on a losing streak and wondered whether casinos are fair about their payouts? This thought crosses many gamblers’ minds when it seems that nothing is going their way and they begin chasing losses.

However, regulatory boards put stringent measures in place to ensure that casinos play fair. But remember that as the saying goes, the house always wins, or so it seems. If you want to know how safe your online casino is, here are some indicators to research:

Gaming license

Before playing any online casino games, verify that your online casino of choice has a gaming license. Its license number should be visibly displayed on the website. However, if you cannot find it or are unsure if it is legit, visit the relevant regulatory body’s website, where you should see a list of licensed casinos. States that have legalized online gambling are strict about issuing licenses and only do so after a rigorous process of checks and balances.

Licensed casinos know the consequences of not complying with regulations, which include playing fair. They lose their license and are unlikely to regain it. Casino vetting occurs every three to four months, and licenses are renewed annually. Each time, casino practices are thoroughly scrutinized for compliance.

Terms and conditions

Each online casino website must publish its terms and conditions of play for users to read. This means going through a lot of fine print to find the information you need. This includes how the casino is regulated for fairness and license compliance, the rules for welcome bonuses and cashing out wins for a trip to Miami or another preferred destination, and what happens when a player strikes a jackpot.

Print the terms and conditions or take a screenshot of them. Fly-by-night casinos change these policies on a whim and then direct you to them when there is a query. Having a copy of the original will help you ensure that casino operators treat you fairly.

Data encryption and privacy

Casinos are expected to encrypt user data with the same degree of care as banks. This means having cybersecurity measures in place to prevent hacking that leaks vital data. It also ensures that no one can hack into the games to cause unfairness in any games.

A casino’s terms of use policy should mention measures it takes to ensure data security and that online games are played according to the software design without any undue influences. 

Casinos take enhanced steps to protect the algorithms that govern their games. The algorithms use casino math operations that power random number generators (RNGs), so a game cannot be fixed in either the player or the house’s favor. 

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