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Summer is coming soon, and the rest is associated with it. Many of us are already dreaming of an upcoming trip to warm seas or extreme mountain hikes or to take a city tour Miami with friends. And if it’s still a long way to vacation, and the end of the quarter or exams are just around the corner? Or your colleague at work has been choosing a swimsuit for a long time, and your boss again yelled at you for not submitting a report on time? 

Sometimes you really want to relax. But in the rhythm of the working day, it is impossible to carve out half an hour for relaxing yoga asanas. And colleagues will misunderstand if you suddenly take the downward dog pose in the middle of a meeting. 

So how do you release emotional stress right in the workplace? Today will give you some tips to help you relax in just five minutes.

  1. A Cup of Hot Tea: It has long been noted that green tea is good for relieving fatigue and neutralizing headaches. High-quality green tea perfectly supports the work of the brain and cardiovascular system, which increases the overall tone of the body and, therefore, increases labor productivity (especially intellectual).
  2. Bitter Chocolate. Top up your cup of tea with a slice of your favorite treat. A small slice of dark chocolate can be very effective in helping to calm the nerves. Dark chocolate contains a substance called L-tryptophan, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the formation of a state of relaxation of the nervous system. A sense of peace is guaranteed to you, or if this is not enough, you can also plan a little Havana culture walking and food tour at the weekend to get some mind blowing experiences. 
  3. Deep Breathing. Is there an easier way to relieve stress than breathing slowly and deeply? Taking several calm breaths in and out in succession will help you normalize your blood pressure and feel more relaxed. After that, you can close your eyes for a couple of minutes and sit in a calm position.
  4. Food Tour:  Little Havana cultural walking and food tour during weekends helped to relax faster than anything else. Here you can polish off those new salsa moves with a little liquid courage and dance the day away. The continuous rhythm triggers brain waves and brings the heart rate into sync with the rhythm.
  5. Traffic. If you spend most of your time in an office chair, the static position overloads the body and makes you feel tired. Spend your lunch break, not in the cafe on the ground floor, exploring the Little Havana food & culture tour. It will refresh your mind and tongue with a delicious mouth watering taste. 
  6. Aromatherapy. Sometimes a 5- 10 minutes break in the office is not enough to relax your body and mind. So, you plan aromatherapy with a good massage on weekends. Dropping a drop of essential oil with your favorite scent (bergamot, lemongrass, sage, some citrus fruits, etc.) on your wrist will restore your sunny mood.

And finally, get busy planning your long-awaited vacation. Of course, it’s not worth wasting your time on. However, at home, no one will stop you from carefully choosing your beach wardrobe or trying on the time-tested travel sleeping bag over and over again. By devoting at least 30 minutes to planning your future vacation (after a working day, of course), you can tune in to the wave of relaxation, and you yourself will not notice how quickly time flies by.

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