Selldretti is an African-American artist, rapper, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. His real name is Walker Vernal Seldon, born on the 18th May 1994. Selldretti is the first African-American male from Columbus, GA that graduated from the United States Military Academy. He is a Soldier- turned – musician.

Selldretti joined the Army right after high school in 2012 and was stationed in Fort Drum for about 2 years. While he was there, he received an opportunity to apply to the United States Military Academy. He was accepted to the prep school in 2014 and attended the academy in 2015. While he was in college, his brother suggested he take music seriously so he began recording music on my phone in the basement of my dorm building.

Selldretti released his first song on iTunes called Vics N Palas, and from there he began to take music seriously. He did a lot of research on building a brand and starting a business, so at that point, he created Selldretti Music, which is the name of his label and my brand. From there he had grown his catalog and built his brand into a business not only for music but for merchandise as well.

In April 2021, Selldretti released his single “Composure”, which hit #1 on the iTunes Top 100 Hip Hop/Rap Charts and #2 overall on the iTunes Top 100 Charts in South Africa. Through the span of his profession, Selldretti has amassed more than 9,000,000 worldwide, highlighting his best singles such as “Welcome to Columbus, Ga”, “Rock the Block (Salute to Ghetto Concept)”, and “Get It Jumpin'”.

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