How Indian Healthcare System is Improving


Post-Independence India was always facing major issues with Indian healthcare and impoverishment. Children and women both suffered from malnutrition, and the life expectancy of people was on a continuous decline.

Condition of Healthcare system In India today

However, today, the healthcare statistics of India has changed. Although problems like poverty and unemployment continue to hover in the country, it is not in the case of healthcare. In terms of healthcare systems, the country has shown much improvement.

It was only recently that India was declared as a polio-free nation, and this came as a great achievement of the country. We have been fighting with polio for a long period. Many other issues have also been tackled. Healthcare in India has improved with the help of technology and a conscious approach towards fitness.

Factors that contribute to the Improvement of Healthcare system in India:

  • Establishment of multi-specialty hospitals

Over a decade, many multi-specialty hospitals have opened up that provide excellent medical services to the patients. Healthcare in Delhi and healthcare Mumbai hospitals offer have seen an improvement because of facilities of good hospitals that have top-class doctors for the treatment.

  • Schemes of the Government

The system of healthcare in India would not have improved without the intervention of the Government. As per the schemes of the Government, poor people can get treated at minimal cost or for free. Even a few fatal diseases like cancer can be treated in Government hospitals at a minimal cost.

  • Introduction of technology

Science has proven to be a boon in the health care sector. With the introduction of advanced machines such as electronic sugar testing machine or automatic BMI testing machines, the lives of people have become easier. People no longer need to spend money or time getting several tests at the pathologist’s clinic to get their sugar or bp checked.

  • Development in surgery and operations

If not in small towns or cities, but healthcare Mumbai provides, and healthcare in Delhi has brought an immense improvement in terms of equipment for surgeries as well. With laser machines available today, it has become easier for surgeons to treat their patients easily, quickly, and painlessly. It has become easier for patients to get themselves operated.

  • Awareness of yoga and exercise

All thanks to celebrities and the Government that much emphasis is laid on yoga and exercise. People are joining gyms and other fitness classes to keep themselves fit and healthy. They have turned more aware of healthcare and fitness. Special occasions like a marathon race, run for unity, or International Yoga Days inspire other people and encourage them to take up new fitness goals.

  • Development of healthcare apps

The Internet has made our lives easy. Its penetration into healthcare systems serves as a book for one and all. With e-medical stores and apps that have virtual doctors available to people, patients can easily consult their problems on applications and can buy medicines online. It saves time and money. Many online medical shops provide discounts to people on certain medicines that otherwise are very costly.

Thus, there has been an immense improvement in the healthcare system of India. Although there is still a lot more to do in the same field, yet we have come a long way in terms of health and wellness. In fact, public healthcare is free of cost for people below the poverty line.

It can be proved as many foreign patients visit India for their treatment. Hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi are known to have the best healthcare providers. People visit the country for skin diseases, cancer treatment, dental implants, Ayurveda, and cardiology. Thus, many foreigners opt to travel to India for their treatments.


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