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A Quick Guide to Throwing a Boutique Wedding

Did you recently get engaged? Congrats! However, as happy as you are feeling right now, you’ve probably already started thinking about the tedious process that is planning a wedding ceremony. There are so many things to take into account and you might be worried about forgetting something important. Plus, if you have to organize this event with limited funds, then chances are you’re feeling even more stressed out. To help you out, we’ve created this quick guide that will assist you when it comes to throwing your boutique wedding on a budget.

What is a boutique wedding?

First of all, you might be wondering what a boutique wedding is. While the word ‘boutique’ might sound lavish and expensive, it really doesn’t have to be. It can be what you make of it. Simply put, a boutique wedding is a wedding that is planned according to your and your partner’s wishes and personalities. It is usually kept small, with just the people who are the most important to you. That means that you will have a unique ceremony and not something generic. Now that you are a bit more familiar with the concept, let’s see how you can make your wedding one of a kind and not break the bank.

Choose the venue

Seeing as how you want a boutique wedding, you have an opportunity to pick an exciting location which will create a special atmosphere. Probably the cheapest option is throwing the wedding in a backyard; it can be your own or someone close to you with a breathtaking yard can offer you their home. On the other hand, a bit pricier but definitely more unique option is making it a destination wedding. You can choose California’s Napa Valley or Hunter Valley in Australia, among many other wine country wedding locations. Or, you can choose to have the ceremony on a beach, whether it’s in Bora Bora or Belize. Do keep your budget in mind when picking the location, even though you will save some money by having fewer guests. Plus, a great way to save money on the venue is by doing a search on Airbnb.

Make your own decorations

It often happens that doing something on our own turns out to be more expensive than relying on experts. However, making some decorations by yourself or with some help from your friends should be a great way to have a truly unique and memorable setting. For instance, you can use the decorations you made as party favours. Look for some inspiration on Pinterest and give it some personality. However, if the venue includes décor, don’t waste too much money and time on this activity.

Find the best photographer

Of course, you want unique photos of your wedding day that will help you remember it forever. One thing that should help you save money here is hiring a professional that works in the area you’ve chosen for your wedding. That way, you don’t have to pay for their trip and they will be quite familiar with the surroundings and will know the best spots for unique photos. So you should turn to a local expert of professional wedding photography to have all the big moments preserved forever.

Quick tips

There are some useful tips and tricks you can employ to save some money. For instance:

  • Look for an off-peak time to get married, such as on a weekday, as then, venues and vendors will be more affordable and available.
  • You can have the after-party in your favourite bar – a small number of guests means that you don’t have to rent out the entire place.
  • Hire food trucks instead of regular caterers; in addition to it possibly being much cheaper, it will add a unique flair to the whole affair as well.


Organizing a boutique wedding is not that difficult even when you have to do it on a budget. The two most important things are to keep your finances in check and plan a ceremony that will be unique and memorable. Good luck!

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