There’s no denying the Internet is a powerful tool to connect people with resources. There’s hardly anyone these days who wouldn’t search google to find a doctor or medical facility to care for them, whether for annual checkups or more in-depth procedures.

However, there hasn’t always been an easy way for doctors and other healthcare professionals to capitalize on that web traffic, no matter how SEO-optimized their online presence is. When Joe Brown, founder and CEO of DearDoc, learned that his grandfather – a Boston-based dermatologist – was facing exactly that dilemma, he had what he calls an “aha!” moment.

“That’s what got me thinking about implementing some kind of web chat bot like the kinds countless websites of Fortune 500 companies use,” he said. “That’s what initially sparked the idea for DearDoc – this idea that there could be a healthcare-compliant way to capture web traffic and convert that into new patients.”

Since then, DearDoc has expanded its offerings to a suite of products that touch every part of the patient care journey. As the DearDoc team continues to grow, so too does their capacity to serve the healthcare industry and those they care for. From review aggregation and website chat bots to website design and social media management, DearDoc exists to make all the peripheral tasks of owning and operating a practice easy so that doctors and staff can focus on caring for others.

“We’re very excited about all the developments that we’ve been able to champion,” said Brown. “We’ve used artificial intelligence and all the latest technology to develop products that make a difference in the way healthcare applies to patients. There’s something very special about being able to take the latest technology innovations and revolutionize the healthcare industry as a result. We look forward to doing that for many years to come.”

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