The world is a beautiful place with much to be explored and only one life to do it all. Hence, it is very tempting to splurge on that expensive garment or take off for that tropical vacation. But as heavenly as it sounds, living life to its fullest requires money. How can we make this money? How much money is enough money?

Human needs are variable. As we go through life conquering survival, our wants become needs. At 14, living in our parent’s house, we dream of having our own space. At 20, with a job, we dream of moving out from a rented space into our own house. At 35, while living the dream, we wish for a grander place. Because our needs and wants keep growing, we feel like we never have enough to be satisfied. Answering the previous question, no money is enough money.

But then do we work till we die? How do we achieve the delicate balance of living a joyous life without harming our personal economy? Thankfully, a bit of awareness, planning, and vision, makes financial independence, early wealth creation, and firing your boss entirely possible.

  1. Make smart investments: Investments are a great way to make your money work for you. Small amounts invested in SIPs, or systematic investment plans, can amount to huge sums that you can use to further your goals.
  2. Plan your luxuries: Budgeting and planning may not sound carefree or hipster, but they are great ways to maximize your extravagant experiences. If you’re planning a big trip, cut down extra costs in the previous month! Budgeting will allow you to allocate your finances properly.
  3. Stay aware and updated: Follow blogs and websites that teach you how to manage and create your wealth, such as Fire The Boss, and incorporate the learnings into your financial plan.

Innovation is key to financial growth. With the world economy changing rapidly, it is crucial to stay on top. Portals such as Fire The Boss help you stay updated and are incredibly user-friendly, even for beginners.

Your old English teacher wasn’t entirely accurate when they said that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. We have a lot of financial tools available to us today. With a little bit of planning, you can buy a hundred cakes, stash them away and eat 1000 cakes in a few years time! (please note, this is metaphorical. Please do not eat 1000 cakes!)

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