Once young and rebellious, Mads Kristensen is now a focused and refined celebrity and entrepreneur. He has achieved so much despite having had a bit of a late start. He is 39 years old now. Although his adventures may have sidetracked him in the past, Mads hero’s journey leads him to learn all the right lessons to become the main archetype for a success story. Opening his first shop in 2010 was a pivotal moment in his journey.  He is self-employed now with vast and diverse business ventures: construction, bar, disco, tattoo parlors, & fight events.  

As an entertainer, he has been in television shows in Denmark. Mads is also a professional boxer, boxing in the heavyweight division. He made his pro debut in November 2019 in Denmark. Originally from Denmark, Mads has been living in Germany for the past 15 years. Even though he is the type to forgo the nightlife for a productive early morning routine, Mads has a rock bar in Flensburg which is a popular watering hole where people can come together for a great time. Mads is the owner of the brand Tattoo Fashion which is the biggest tattoo parlor chain in the world! It is located in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, & Spain.

He had an amazing childhood for which he is very grateful to his parents, but he did have a lot of fun getting in a lot of trouble as a teenager.  He was thrown out of 11 different schools, so in the end, his mother educated him from home the best she could and got him ready for the exams, which he got top scores in all subjects! He feels that he owes everything to her. 

Mads always loved the “free life” and riding a motorcycle, so he became a full-time member of Hells Angels in Denmark at the age of 23.  Mads ended up leaving the Hells Angels in 2011, mostly because his father didn’t want anything to have to do with him so long as he was in the club. When his father saw that he had changed his life path, Mads was once again accepted and now they have a good relationship and more construction business together. A major motivation for Mads is proving the haters wrong and making his parents proud. 

Mads Kristensen has changed in many aspects. Having struggled with reactive emotions while growing up, Mads has done the inner work to control his temper, all while accomplishing his goals in the world! Mads has learned to be more patient, because it pays off, even though patience does not come easily to him. Mads advises “NOT to give your answer right away in business, always take time to think it over some nights.”

His way of thinking has also become more tolerant with the mindfulness he has cultivated over the years. He has a heart of gold with a will of steel to match. 

Now, Mads moves forward in his story by giving back and sharing his experiences and lessons with the world. Mads gives back in the form of donations to all kinds of institutions like homeless shelters, animal shelters, and poverty programs. Last Christmas, he visited families that didn’t have much and gave them presents for the kids and food for their holiday. He also inspires and motivates his social media followers daily to give it their all. He is on Facebook, and on his Instagram page, Mads Kristensen shares an authentic depiction of his courageous life so that others may benefit from the insight into an exciting life with many adventures and no borrowed feathers. 

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