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There is a place in your home that teems with bacteria.  A literal breeding ground for fungi and germs, this spot (even when regularly cleaned) is home to millions of dead skin cells which are a delicacy for dust mites who inhabit this region by the thousands.  A popular spot for odors to form, mildew has also been known to develop in this favorite place, due to the buildup it sees of human sweat and saliva.  In short, this is a really grimy place, and here’s a hint-it’s not in your bathroom.  In fact, you willingly and deliberately spend close to eight hours (possibly more) a day on this spot.  It’s your bed pillow, and it’s a petri dish of disgustingness. 

No one likes to hear about the dust mites that live in our bed pillows, or the amount of dead skin cells we shed over the course of the night while we sleep.  Most of us don’t even like to see a loose hair on the pillow.  However, what we don’t see still exists, and it’s right there under our heads each night.  Bacteria forms on our pillow cases from lack of washing, buildup of hair and skin care products, sweat and saliva.  Considering we typically leave our pillows in a darkened room during the day, they become prime real estate for bacterial growth, which can not only make us sick, they can cause odors to form also. 

Additionally, dirty pillow cases can cause skin irritation-especially for tummy sleepers who burrow their faces into the pillow each night.  Things like acne, contact dermatitis, and other skin related issues have been reported due to unclean pillow cases.  Naturally, we want to put an end to this germ warfare, but what is the solution?  Even washing your sheets daily can’t prevent or stop the growth of bacteria, but what can is an anti-bacterial silver pillow case

How Can a Pillow Case Prevent Bacteria?

It sounds like snake oil but works because it is proven science.  Pillow cases that contain all-natural silver fibers can actually kill bacteria that already exists and prevent bacteria from growing and multiplying.  This is because silver acts as an antiseptic.  Silver ions and bacteria cells don’t mix.  In fact, silver ions have a magnet-like effect, attaching themselves to bacteria and “infecting” the bacteria cell, killing it from the inside out before it can reproduce and create more bacteria.  That’s some pretty powerful work for a simple pillow case. 

Because an anti-bacterial silver pillow case stops bacteria from growing and kills existing bacteria, you won’t need to wash your pillow case nearly as much, and you can rest assured that the bacteria and fungus that once grew on your old pillow cases are long gone.  You can enjoy a fresh, clean night of sleep for weeks without the need to wash the pillow case, because the silver fibers inside will continue to work to clear out any new bacteria (such as the type living on your head) that touches your pillow. 

Curious how silver gets woven into a pillow case?   Silver is crafted into tiny fibers, similar to dental floss, but much, much smaller.  They are then grouped together and enclosed in some type of tube which is later burned off once the enclosed silver has bonded together.  These remaining silver fibers are then ready to be woven into the premium cotton fabric (we’re talking 650 thread count) that forms your pillow case.  That silver is hard working; in fact even after one hundred washings, anti-bacterial silver pillow cases still work to clear out 99.9% of the bacteria with which they come in contact. 

How Do You Care for an Anti-Bacterial Silver Pillow Case?

You can treat your anti-bacterial silver pillow case like your regular pillow cases with just a few simple exceptions.  One, you never want to use bleach or harsh laundry additives on your silver bed linens.  Not only can they damage the silver fibers, those additives can be harsh on your skin as well.

You’ll also never want to use fabric softener on your silver pillow cases.  Fabric softener builds up in your linens, and that build up can lead to bacteria growth.  You will find you have no need for fabric softener if you purchase high quality, premium cotton anti-bacterial silver pillow cases from a reputable distributor. 

Lastly, it’s important that you keep certain health and beauty products away from your pillow case.  Certain acne medications like benzoyl peroxide and hair products that contain any type of color treatment chemical can stain your sheets and affect the way the silver fibers react with bacterial cells. 

Our pillow cases can be home to some really disgusting bacteria if we don’t take proper care of our bed linens.  Even with proper washing, normal bed linens do not have the power to eliminate bacteria and prevent it from spreading.  Natural silver pillow cases are able to kill bacteria and prevent it from growing, require little washing, and keep your pillow safe and healthy.   

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