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How Negative Thoughts Can Harm You…And Here’s What You Can Do About It

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Have you ever seen yourself slowly losing enthusiasm for life? Ever felt like your energy was so negative that it flowed right into other aspects of your day? Most people don’t realize how powerful our thoughts can be. Your thoughts play a pivotal role in everything in your life.

Your Negative Mindset Is Harming Your Life 

Pessimism and negative thinking all begins with your outlook on your life and your day. The moment any negative feeling or emotion crosses your mind, it will continue its way and cause you to think more of those thoughts. The reason why it can be harming your life is that it stems from negative emotions. Those emotions can oftentimes lead to anxiety, depression, sadness, guilt, resentment, and overall an empty feeling. You don’t want to go through your day feeling any of these emotions. What happens is that you lack the energy to go out, have fun, do your job at work, and have a normal functioning life.

Stress Can Cause Serious Physical Harm

Stress is known for being one of the main causes of all sorts of physical and emotional diseases. Whether it’s depression or some form of cancer, having a lot of stress can cause damage to the body. You can develop an eating disorder that could cause you to either eat too much or not eat enough. You have the ability to think yourself to sickness. One negative emotion can lead to another, and the next thing you know you’re thinking and feeling thoughts of exhaustion and emptiness and you don’t have the energy anymore. This can sadly lead to self-medicating through alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse.

San Diego researchers examined death records comparing 30,000 Chinese Americans to 400,000 white Americans. Chinese Americans die much easier than white Americans if they have a mix of disease and a negative birth year considered by their Chinese astrology. The study displayed that the more the believed in their traditional superstitions, the earlier they were to die. They caused their own early demise
However, because our minds are so powerful on bringing us down and negatively impacting us, you can also use your mind to change your life and get yourself living the way you want to.

Take Control Of Your Life

Here’s a few powerful tips that can help you get your life together and overcome the negativity that can overrun your life:

● Meditate
Meditate for 10 minutes a day. It will help clear your thoughts and reorganize your emotions. Clarity of mind is refreshing.

● Sleep Schedule
It’s vital that you sleep at the same time every day. You want to get at least 7-8 hours of rest a night. A consistent sleep schedule helps you keep a more organized life.

● Dealing With Negative Emotions
Overthinking, anxious thoughts, confusion about events, and everything in between; they’re all viable reasons to cause anxiety. What you must know is that sometimes life isn’t an easy path, but you need to look at certain situations from a different perspective. If a certain event or thing is causing you all of this stress, this is when you need to deal with your emotions rationally. Never let any negative situation run your mental life.

● Journaling
Writing down what you’re going through is the best way to let thoughts go. This is the perfect time to let your overthinking come into play. Simply write it all out and view it from a third person’s perspective.

● Self Care
Meditation, Yoga, learning the principles of life coaching, journaling, bath time, drawing, dancing, and everything you enjoy can be used for self-care. Nothing beats doing things that help calm you so you can get onto a more positive pathway.

Remember, you can turn things around. You can live your best life. Take control of your emotions and don’t let them overrun your life. Your negative thoughts are going to ruin your health. Staying productive, making goals, going after them, caring for yourself, and simply watching out for yourself and your thoughts can all come together and make you the person you were meant to be.

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