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Modern-day cars have almost 90% more technology in them than the average car made 10 years ago. With this transformation comes an array of benefits that allow us to drive farther, smarter, and more comfortably. One of the more recent inventions to emerge on the market thanks to technology is autonomous vehicles. Once a futuristic idea, self-driving cars have become a reality.

Although vehicles with self-driving capabilities are available, to be fully autonomous is something the automotive industry has yet to perfect. Many autonomous cars still require a lot of human intervention. In order to be fully autonomous, cars would need thousands of bytes of data per second to about 25 gigabytes of data in an hour. This would allow the vehicle to make decisions independently within a moments notice.

The recent cases of Tesla car crashes resulting in fatality have brought the designers and technical experts back to the drawing board. Many of the issues that self-driving car manufacturers like Tesla are experiencing are related to cyber security. No matter how advanced the system is, it is an internet-connected device and therefore vulnerable to hacks.

Secure Cars
Automobile manufacturers need to follow strict regulations before installing complex electronics that may be vulnerable to attacks. Research firm Mckinsey in their report “what’s driving the connected car” mentioned that cars are becoming increasingly connected to the outside world in order to improve the in-car experience for the user. They also state that new-car buyers are concerned about data privacy and the possibility of hacking when it comes to car connectivity. In their survey, a staggering 59% of respondents have shown their doubts about connected cars being secure and safe.

Car manufacturers can bring in reassurance among its new-buyers by consulting with cyber security experts. This may increase their capital costs per car but considering the fact that car buyers are marginally willing to pay for the new connected features, a cyber security certification would ensure peace of mind for the buyers, not to mention saving from hefty lawsuits that may result from wrongful death or injury caused by a cyber-attack.

This is where cyber security firms like SourcetekIT become extremely valuable. SourcetekIT has worked with hundreds of organizations throughout the world to improve their cyber security, developing practices that target vulnerabilities, monitor breaches around the clock, and compliment the organization’s infrastructure. Additionally, they have the only Government certified SOC in Canada, which allows them to provide the most up to date security practices. If car manufacturers want to protect their consumers and prove their dedication to safety, they will need to invest in cyber security firms like SourcetekIT.

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