In the last decade, the world of technology has evolved immensely. In the most common context, cell telephones are used to keep us in touch on our travels. However, with the advent of technology, cell phones have progressed quite rapidly. They do too many things these days other than just keeping us connected. Let us discuss the Evolution of mobile phones and related technologies.


The tablet computer has typically been a famous resident with many households, larger than mobile phones but still Wi-Fi-connected. Like today’s mobile phones, this’ personal device contains a camera, a microphone, and removes a mouse or a keyboard need. For digital pictures and videography, tablets are fabulous. More than a fifth of Americans today are estimated to have a tablet.


We can now do almost everything we can do with our home laptop with our smartphones. Phones became smarter from the late 1990s onwards. Less than 1% of telephones were deemed “smart” in 2003, but now it is the standard. In developing countries such as Africa, we see more and more new customers as they are made and purchased cheaper and cheaper. Now we have the world at our feet with the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The mobile price gets so cost-effective that for the first time, the world might get connected. There have been more cell telephones on earth at the end of 2013!

Social connectivity

Facebook was created less than ten years ago; it is impossible to imagine. According to Statistics, there are 680,000,000 Facebook subscribers on mobile devices alone, with Facebook registering a record of over 1.1 billion. With 190 million unique visitors per month and 550 million accounts, Twitter has become increasingly popular. The way we interact with each other has changed social networking sites. Social networking figures are impressive for 72 percent of all social media users, 93 percent of social media advertisers, and 14 billion videos in YouTube quest.


In the past ten years, e-commerce has improved. Services are done through e-commerce on the internet, and other computer networks have resulted in a considerable change in our way of purchasing and selling goods—the introduction of encrypted payment mechanisms like Paypal to eBay Online Auctions and Amazon’s ease of buying online. In recent years, customer trust has risen dramatically. In the UK, 85 percent are reported to be online shoppers navigating the web survey.

Internet of Things and WIFI

The online emergence of the internet offered access to information which we have never seen before. The fantastic Internet access ensures that we can shop and bank online and keep in touch with immediate contacts. As WiFi hotspots are becoming increasingly accessible (6,3 million are expected worldwide), we have more or less everywhere access to internet networking.

The Internet of Things, or The Internet of Everything as it is often called, tells us how close we are to a time where everything can be done via the internet and where our ‘things’ will know what to do before we do. For example, appliances could tell you what food you have in the fridge and whether it is out of date and give suggestions about what to cook for tea with its ingredients.


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