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Today in this article, I am going to share a comprehensive guide on how to access the dark web on iPhone device safely. So, without further ado, let’s get started-

The “Dark Web” is a term used to describe the deepest part of the internet. Though it is similar in terms of nature to the deep web; but when it comes to data they contain, the dark web is entirely different from the deep web. Also accessing sites on the darknet is not easy like the deep web sites. It is a mysterious place on the internet which is hidden intentionally. Also, there is no search engine that you can use to find reliable results, and there are chances you’ll land on pages that you just never wanted to.

If you want to surf this part of the internet, then you need to use some specific browsers like TOR that supports the onion routing technology. And even after that, there is no guarantee that you’ll be 100% secure. After all, we all know that privacy is just a myth, and there is nothing 100% secure; though you can follow some guidelines to increase your security as much as possible.

What is the dark web, and why people want to access it?

To understand the dark web, you need to understand the term what deep web is. 

What is the deep web?

The deep web is almost 96% of the internet which never gets indexed by the search engines like Google or Yahoo. Though this area of the internet is hidden, nearly 90% of its data can be easily accessible by regular internet users.

Mostly the data it contains that are available for public users are-

  • Content of email account
  • Content of social media accounts
  • Content of online banking account
  • Company’s private database
  • Scientific and academic databases
  • Legal records
  • Medical documents
  • Shopping site’s cart page

And so on.

With this, we can understand that most of the data of deep web rely upon the security wall of a login page. It means most of its data is available for registered users only. But when it comes to the dark web, the story is entirely different.

What is the dark web?

We can consider the dark web as a very small part of the deep web, almost around 0.5% of the entire deep web. This part of the internet is secured with multiple layers of encryptions and technology so that users can use it anonymously. This technology that is being used in the dark web is very famous with the name of “Onion Routing.”

Similarly, to access it, you need to use specific browsers that are based on the technology of onion routing. Without these browsers, you can never open any dark web page, and that’s why a regular user can never slip into this dark world unintentionally.

When it comes to data, then the dark web is infamous among internet users. It contains almost all kind of illegal data and things that you can imagine. From buying and selling drugs to hiring hitmen and giving a murder contract, the dark web has everything. You can also buy carded products, hacked credit cards and bank accounts, loaded PayPal accounts and accounts of many other premium services.

Why do people want to access it?

There are only two reasons why people want to access it. Either they are so curious about the stuff it contains and wants to explore it, or they have a criminal mindset and want to use it for the wrong purpose. There is no other reason why one wants to get inside this dark world.

How to access the dark web on iPhone?

Accessing the dark web on iPhone device is not that difficult. With the help of some software, you can quickly dive into it. So, below is the list of software that is required to access the dark web on iPhone and how to use them-

Download a VPN

The very first thing you need to do is, download a VPN and set up it. It is required for better privacy protection and to avoid leaking your identity from hackers while surfing the dark web. I recommend using any paid VPN with a good reputation because of the cheap and free ones doesn’t provide enough securities. Check out top vpn services list and compare the features to find best for you. 

Download Red Onion Browser

After downloading and setting up the VPN, you need to download the Red Onion Browser on your iPhone. It will cost you $1.99, which is a one time fee that you need to pay. On iPhone devices, this is the only onion routing based browser that we can trust. It works similar to the TOR and creates multiple IP bridges for you to make your identity anonymous.

It is the only method to access the dark web on an iPhone device. I recommend you to use both the application altogether; otherwise, you may lose the footprints that can be very dangerous for you.

Final Verdict-

The dark web is a very critical place of the internet and privacy must be your main priority if you’re planning to dive into it. After all, a small mistake on the dark web can ruin your entire life. You can access it from an iPhone easily with the help of a premium VPN service and Red Onion Browser, but it is not advisable at all.

I will personally suggest you not to use the dark web from your smartphone. Instead, use a formatted PC, or a smartphone which is not linked to any of your accounts to surf the dark web safely. Also, you can use virtual machines along with a premium VPN and TAILS OS on your computer to access the dark web as that is the safest way.

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