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Tech: What is Python?

Python is a scripting programming language. It is versatile, therefore it is suitable for solving a variety of tasks and many platforms, from iOS and Android to server operating systems. It is an interpreted language - it does not compile, that is, it is a plain text file before launch. You can program on almost all platforms, the language is well designed and logical. Development is much faster, because there
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What Is Imaengine And How To Install It On A Computer?

Vectorization is getting popular nowadays. To create a wonderful image vector, you need an application capable of this. Software such as Photoshop can be used for making vectors, however, Photoshop is expensive, and requires extensive knowledge to use. A great cheaper alternative software that has an easy to use professional tools for vectorization is the Imaengine. This app can be download from the Apple App Store and is currently available on
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How to Become a Professional iOS Developer [Short Guide]

Mobile applications are currently one of the hottest tech trends and looking at the current scenario we can also say that they are here to stay for long. So, what’s stopping you from making a career in the mobile app industry? In this article, we will be talking about how you can start your career as a professional iOS app developer by following easy steps. With the help of this
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Zosearch Phone Lookup Review

In the ever-growing world of technology, the most annoying thing is getting a call from a number that you do not recognize. Before mobile phones came into existence, it was almost impossible to detect a number that dialed you. The only option you had was to pick the phone before it stopped ringing. However, with the rise of online directories and phone lookup services, finding unknown numbers is no longer
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The Original Phone Grip: Hold Your Mobile Devices Better!!

Are you the sort of person who finds it hard to look after your phone? Modern phones come with many impressive features, but it is often the case that durability is not one of these. Indeed, as phones have gotten more and more high tech, it seems to be the case that their durability and functionality has actually decreased in nature, instead of improving; this can mean that it is
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Backup iPhone without iTunes? You can do it with DearMob iPhone Manager!

Today we are going to talk to you about a powerful and useful program that will allow us to manage our photos and iPhone / iPad data on Mac. DearMob iPhone Manager is a valuable and user-friendly tool with which you can transfer data from your iOS device, including the encryption method. This effective content manager, will help the user to make important backup copies of your iPhone. As well
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4 Tips for Developing a Healthier Relationship with Your Phone

Have you ever watched a movie from years ago, where it was a real sign of power and wealth when a businessman had a truly gargantuan brick-sized phone that he could carry around, to make important calls with, when out in public? Oh, how times have changed. These days, we are all more or less addicted to our smartphones, and it's pretty easy to spend hours a day surfing the
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Cocospy: 5 Guidelines to Keep Your iPhone Safe

Smartphones are becoming more and more secure these days. But don’t fret because the hackers and cybercriminals are becoming sharper. So, you need to step up your game. Following, we are going to give you a brief guide that will show you how to keep your device safe despite security issues. You need to use a tier one software like Cocospy. This software works for both smartphone, iOS, and Android

Digging Deep Into The Benefits Of Using iPhone Cell Phone Cases

Reasons To Use Case Covers For iPhone’s Buying a mobile phone is quite an investment especially when it costs more than the limited budget. Keeping a cell phone safe and secure is the duty of the buyer. Apart from maintaining its security, it is also a duty on part of the customer to prevent the screen from scratching especially when it’s an iPhone. Although iPhone screens are scratch free, several