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Actor Cesar Di Bello and his Award Winning Film ‘Original Sin’

It seems like actor Cesar Di Bello is the lucky talisman for every film he does. In the past, we have seen him competing in the Cannes Film Festival with the film “Manifesto” where he played the lead role of Simon. And most recently his comedy ‘Original Sin’ won the Best Foreign Film award at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival and the Best Comedy award at Milan International Filmmaker Festival. It also has been in competition at the Austin Film Festival, Cinequest, Chicago Latino Film Festival, Cardiff Film Festival and the Ashland Independent Film Festival, among others. In the film, Cesar plays the role of Adrian, a distant, odd husband.

Photographer: Davy Risso

We asked Cesar Di Bello what has been the hardest role to play, to what he said: “Every character is different and brings new challenges but the toughest one so far has been Adrian from ‘Original Sin’, because playing a man who just can´t become the man he´s been taught to be was very interesting and challenging for me. I ended up having a lot of empathy for people like him. There are a lot of Adrians out there.”


César is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he was seven years old he moved with his family to Madrid, Spain, where he lived until 2013, when he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.


From an early age, he discovered his love to stories whether they were in books or films. After getting a double degree in Law and Business Management he worked in the legal field as an expert on Anti Money Laundering. His curiosity about acting ended up taking over and after four years working as a legal consultant he quit everything and flew to Los Angeles to study at Stella Adler.


When we said he was a talisman, we meant it. He recently won the Best Actor Award at the Stella Adler Short and Sweet Festival for the lead role of Enrique at the film “Paloma” directed by the awarded filmmaker Jean Lee.

“I was called in to audition and had a blast in the room. I guess I created a good impression in the director and the producer because after a few days they offered me the lead role of Enrique.”


The drama “Pasarea” – where he plays the pimp Nikolai- has also been in competition in several festivals, like the prestigious Festival de Cine de Malaga.


Cesar has 2 big passions beside acting: theater and surfing. Currently Cesar lives between Los Angeles and Madrid.

Follow him on Instagram @cesardibello

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