Before deciding to become an EMT, it is necessary to consider the state in which you intend to practice. The requirements of becoming an EMT vary from one state to another, though there is a lot of consistency. Therefore, I would recommend first checking your state’s requirements in order to ensure that you get the right education or certifications. Working as an EMT is an intense career and requires a lot of dedication.

Complete basic education requirements

The initial step to becoming an EMT in any state is to complete the basic education requirements. Among the basics of enrolling in such accredited courses is the ability to lift approximately 100 pounds (though most patients will be much, much heavier). I would recommend that you also ensure that you are up to date with all the immunizations, especially tuberculosis. You will be required to pass a background and a drug test. EMT training can be done in as little as three months and as much as two years.

Gain CPR certification

The other important thing to becoming an EMT is to gain a CPR certification. This is mandatory in every state and is usually offered by your program. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation combines chest compressions with artificial ventilation. The procedure is carried out in order to maintain necessary blood flow to the brain and support the patient’s body until the patient recovers. Therefore, this is an important certification for an individual seeking to become an EMT. An EMT will often be required to apply the skills trained in achieving the CPR certification when treating a patient. CPR is one of the most important procedures that an EMT can perform on patients.

Find an EMT program

The next step you should do in order to become an EMT is to find a reliable EMT program. There are plenty of programs that are offered for EMT training. Some of the programs are accessible online, while others require an individual to physically attend class in the training center. The various programs provide individuals with flexibility, making it easy for a person to find a program that fits his or her schedule.

A basic EMT would train for 120-150 hours, spread over three months to two years. In most cases, the courses are given periodically through the various emergency departments in the city or country. For instance, these classes can be offered by health, police, municipal, or fire departments. Once the course is complete, an EMT would be able to assess patients, administer CPR, complete physical exams, treat asthma attacks, and provide oxygen, among many other life-saving interventions.

Pass the cognitive examination

The EMT cognitive exam is a written test that covers all the details that were taught during the training. It is considered one of the most important tests that you need to pass in order to become an EMT. The exam not only shows the student’s ability to memorize figures but also applies what is learned in real-life situations. Therefore, before becoming an EMT, passing the cognitive examination is necessary to show that you have understood what was taught in class. The exam is done on a computer in a testing center, in order to ensure accuracy in determining the extent to which the prospective EMT comprehends concepts.

Pass the psychomotor exam

The psychomotor exam is a practical test done at the end of the EMT class. Passing this exam is necessary to become an EMT, since it is an indication that you have understood all the concepts taught in class and that you are ready to apply them in real-life concepts. The educational institutions coordinate the exam under the state’s authorization or under the requirements of the state’s EMS office. The exam is issued to an individual who has already completed the EMT training program in any department-accredited institution. Passing the exam is required for EMT certification. Prehospital care by EMTs is vital to the healthcare industry and individuals worldwide.

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