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How to Care for Your Feet When Hiking?

Hiking is an excellent way of exercise, having fun, spending time with friends and family and adventure. It is also a healthy living endeavor. To ensure that you have maximum fun during this activity, your feet must be well taken care of, since this is the part of your body that is most active during this activity. Hence this is the main reason why you should take proper care of your feet. To be aware of essential care tip for the feet, footgearlab brings you the following tips:

Carry a lightweight backpack.

Be mindful of the weight put on your body, remember the feet carry a significant percentage of this mass. Every step you take carries an amount of weight and pressure to your feet.

Wear the appropriate shoes.

The shoes you wear should be lightweight, avoid heavy shoes because they will add unnecessary weight to your feet. They should also be breathable, meaning, they should allow fresh air and air circulation, this prevents your feet from sweating and smelling, plus, it increases comfortability.

Most importantly, the shoes must fit you well, you don’t want to wear shoes that will bring pain and blisters to your fit, that will be so ugly, you won’t be able to move. Also, big shoes will keep coming off during the hike or even trip you. Ensure you wear shoes that fit perfectly.

Wear the appropriate socks.

For this situation, socks that provide enough cushion is the go to. However, they should not be so thick that they cause heat to your feet. When choosing the correct socks, go for adequate cushion and air circulation, i.e. breathability. Too much moisture in your feet will cause pungent smell and bacterial diseases. So choose the right socks and avoid late consequences after hiking.

Use high-quality insoles.

In case the hiking shoes you bought don’t have the right insoles, replace them with a high-quality one. If you are using old shoes and the insoles are worn out, replace them too. Most hiking shoes, unfortunately, don’t come with the appropriate insoles. They do not provide shock absorption or enough arch support; they get worn out after a short while. That’s why you are highly recommended to replace the poor quality insoles and replace them with high-quality ones. This will help you avoid injury and damage to your feet during hiking.

Take necessary actions.

If you are following the above steps during your adventure, you are on the right track. However, to complement this, you need to put in some personal efforts. Take care of your feet, like washing them thoroughly with clean water and ensure they are dry after you wipe them. Don’t leave moisture or water in between your toes, it will cause damage.

In case you notice or feel pain in any way, like a blister coming in, use some duct tape for a temporary quick fix. This will reduce friction and avoid more blisters from forming until you get home. Take the necessary precautions when at home.

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