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How To Combat Health Issues And Stay Fit!

Old age is a stage in our life that brings in several hindrances. We tend to slow down and suffer from various health issues as we age. The reason which affects the well being of a person and makes him or her inactive is huge. Some common health issues such as physical pain, weight issues and a tendency to fall develop with aging. With aging, people become more dependent on others and various kinds of weakness develop. One can overcome these obstacles easily with some basic exercises and restricting some habits which often gets unnoticed. A small dose of physical workout on a daily basis can help you avoid multiple symptoms of illness, heart problems, joint pains, weight management, etc. It is also helpful in regulating the blood circulation in the body, it keeps the mind fresh, the heart healthy, uplifts the mood, etc. Exercising regularly helps in keeping the body healthy from inside as well as from outside.


How regular exercise helps elderly people?

Various research materials and studies based on the well being of a person have proved that exercise can help in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. It has a major contribution towards the longevity of a person’s life. Age is only considered as a number when any person follows a proper diet and exercises regularly. Exercising on a regular basis helps in feeling younger, looking sharper, being more energetic than any other person of the same age, etc. Here is a list of health benefits which any elderly person can achieve through exercising:

  1. Weight Management – For any person without considering their age, weight management is a great issue. It has been noticed that in elderly people, weight management is a matter to stress on, they often fail to control their diet which results in severe health issues leading to death. Such issues can be taken care of by exercising. Exercising helps in burning calories, building muscle mass and increasing the metabolism rate.
  2. Eliminating Chronic Diseases – Elderly people are prone to get affected by chronic diseases. This is due to poor immune health. We often see elderly people suffering from diabetes, different types of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and obesity. All these diseases can be barred from affecting at first place if a person exercises regularly. At Skylark Adult Day Care elderly people are directed to exercise regularly.
  3. Increases Physical Strength and Mobility – To increase physical strength and mobility, exercise is an important factor. It enhances flexibility, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, creates body balance, etc. Strength training helps in eliminating diseases such as heart diseases, arthritis, etc.

How exercise benefits the mental health?

The well being of our mental health is directly related to exercise. It has several benefits such as it improves sleeping habits, keeps the brain active, etc. Exercise helps in being positive and gives a confident start to the day. Anyone can exercise at anytime of the day but for elderly people, exercising early in the morning helps them stay fit and active. Few mental health benefits are listed below:

  1. Improved Sleeping Habit – Sleep is an important factor for the overall health of the body. To be healthy and fit, a person must sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. Regular exercise helps in getting better sleep which in turn helps the body to be more active.
  2. Boost up Brain Functioning – Brain health is very important for the body to perform regular activities. It has been noticed in elderly people that after a certain age, they become forgetful, they tend to lose memory, etc. All of it can be easily evaded by practicing some simple brain exercises. Some exercises which are good for brain functioning are Crossword puzzle, Chess, Sudoku, etc.
  3. Enhances Self Confidence – Exercising regularly boosts up the self confidence in a person. It is all about the brain, the mind and the thoughts inside it. Exercise releases stress and help a person to think more vividly. It will help you fight against depression, sadness, anxiety and stress.
  4. Being more active with Aging – As you age, you lose motivation, energy and desire to workout. This in turn affects the body and your body tends to slow down. You can easily evade from this issues with a light workout schedule. Plan a simple workout session of 30 to 45 minutes. To make this span of time more exciting and less boring, try to do some simple exercises. Once you feel active throughout the day, you’ll love to be this way.

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