By Nikkoy Beltran

“Content is king.” This phrase has been abuzz in recent years in the digital marketing industry as experts have found that content is now one of the leading factors for both gathering new customers and retaining old ones. That’s why many businesses are jumping at the chance to create content for their audience.

However, creating content isn’t just a simple matter of deciding on a topic, typing it out, and publishing it for your audience to see. A study conducted by Moz and Buzzsumo revealed that up to 75% of a million online articles that they analyzed were not engaging content – in other words, the content were not the types of content that the audience were willing to talk about further than what they have read.

This is an alarming fact because, if there is no engagement, then that means that the process of transformation that would take the audience to a lead or sale never started. This can be a huge blow for businesses because they are spending time, energy, and resources on creating content that isn’t living up to their expectations of gathering more responsive audiences.

This is why marketers are not just concerned with creating content – they are now focusing on creating content that not only is informative, but also engaging. But 60% of marketers say that this is their biggest challenge, because it can be difficult to gauge what topics or content types the audience would be interested in and would engage in.

A misinterpretation of the term “creating enough engaging content” can be seen as one of the root causes of this difficulty. Oftentimes, marketers think that, if they create enough content, some of them would bound to be engaging. However, the principle of “quality over quantity” applies to content – a million contents would still be inferior to a handful of content that generates engagement.

How do you create engaging content, then? Here are the 6 steps to follow, as seen in this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.


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