Ask any vet and I’m sure you’ll struggle to find too many who won’t tell you that it’s the highest honor to serve their country in the military. But the downside of serving in active combat is the risk of coming home injured, disabled, or not at all. But for those that are returning with a disability that they did not have before will be faced with a huge adjustment to a life that’s a mixture of their old life and a new one. For most this will be the end of their service so the situation will be that you are suddenly a civilian and also having to cope with a health condition you are not used to living with.

Stress & PTSD

Firstly there can be no doubt that war is a stressful situation, you will have been in very real danger and have seen friends and colleagues hurt and killed and perhaps had to do things that have left a mark on you. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a very real condition and one that is eligible for the veterans disability compensation scheme and you don’t even need a medical certificate to claim for this.


Adjusting Back Into Family Life

Your loved ones will, no doubt, be there for you but unless they have seen active service themselves then they won’t be able to fully relate to what you have been through and it’s important to ask them to give you a bit of time and space when needed. There are also a huge number of support groups for veterans, which can be found easily online.


Finances & Work

Finding new work can often be a tough ask as the bills don’t stop coming and you may have only ever known the military. Working in civilian jobs can be so different as there are different rules and levels of discipline, many vets find their co-workers attitude to be lax or unprofessional but it may be that this is the norm and you may have to adjust. For those with student loan debts, there is great news for disabled veterans as the president has passed laws to write off student debt for these people.


Be Aware Of Military Discounts & Offers

As either a soldier in active military service or a veteran you will find, literally, thousands of organizations that are willing and ready to offer you discounts, special offers, and preferential treatment, and you shouldn’t be shy in taking these up, you’ve earned it, after all. There are even organizations that specialize in servicing veterans, such as VA, offering deals that can only be taken up by those fine men and women who have given everything to serve this proud nation.


Be Proud

Above all, even though there are many challenges, as we have outlined here above, you should hold your head high and be proud of what you’ve done. Every real American knows this and owes you a debt of gratitude.

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